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  • Medeiros, Andrew S., Milošević, Đurađ, Francis, Donna R., Maddison, Eleanor, Woodroffe, Sarah, Long, Antony, Walker, Ian R., Hamerlík, Ladislav, Quinlan, Roberto, Langdon, Peter, Brodersen, Klaus P. & Axford, Yarrow (2020). Arctic chironomids of the northwest North Atlantic reflect environmental and biogeographic gradients. Journal of Biogeography
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  • Maddison, EJ, Pike, J & Dunbar, R (2012). Seasonally-laminated diatom-rich sediments from Dumont d’Urville Trough, East Antarctic Margin: Late Holocene Neoglacial sea-ice conditions. The Holocene 22(8): 857-875.
  • Pike, J., Crosta, X., Maddison, E. J., Stickley, C. E., Denis, D., Barbara, L. & Renssen, H. (2009). Observations on the relationship between the Antarctic coastal diatoms Thalassiosira antarctica Comber and Porosira glacialis (Grunow) Jorgensen and sea ice concentrations during the late Quaternary. Marine Micropaleontology 73(1-2): 14-25.
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