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Durham University

Email and Telephone Directory

Staff Profile

Dr Nigel Metcalfe, MA (Physics), DPhil (Astrophysics), FRAS

Personal web page

Associate Fellow in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43566
Room number: ocw102
Room number: OCW102

(email at


Responsibilities within department

Member of the Laboratories Committee. Administration and Teaching database design, development and maintenance (mysql and php scripting). Physics computer classroom coordinator.

Teaching activity

Tutor on the Level 3 Problem Solving Computing Course. Level 4 project supervisor. Academic adviser.

Research interests

Deep galaxy counts and clustering and their interpretation in light of current theories of galaxy evolution and cosmology. I am chair of the Data Reduction and Verification Group (DRAVG) for the Pan-STARRS project. I am also part of the VST Atlas Survey team, and the DESI Imaging Validation working group.

Research Groups

Department of Physics


Edited book

  • Metcalfe, Nigel & Shanks, Tom (2007). Cosmic Frontiers. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series Volume 379. Michigan: Sheridan Books.
  • Metcalfe, Nigel & Shanks, Tom (2002). A New Era in Cosmology. ASP Conference Series Vol 283. Michigan: Sheridan Books.

Journal Article

Conference Paper

  • Holliman, N. S., Baugh, C., Frenk, C., Jenkins, A., Froner, B., Hassaine, D., Helly, J., Metcalfe, N. & Okamoto, T. (2006), Cosmic cookery: making a stereoscopic 3D animated movie, in Woods, Andrew J., Dodgson, Neil A., Merritt, John O., Bolas, Mark T. & McDowall, Ian E. eds, Proceedings of SPIE 6055: Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XIII. San Jose, California, International Society for Optical Engineering, 605505.
  • Metcalfe, Nigel., Shanks, Tom. , Fong, Dick. , McCracken, Henry J., Campos, Ana., Gardner, Jon P., & Thompson, David. (2002), Do Galaxies Form at High Redshift?, ASP Conference Series 283: A New Era In Cosmology. Durham, UK, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Durham, 361-364.
  • McCracken, H., , Metcalfe, N., , Shanks, T., & et al. (2000), Galaxy Clustering in the Herschel Deep Field, in Mazure, A.,, Le Fèvre, O., & Le Brun, V. eds, ASP Conference Series 200: Clustering at High Redshift. 68.
  • Metcalfe, N., , Shanks, T., , Fong, R., , Gardner, J., & Roche, N. (1996), Faint Galaxy Number Counts, in Bender, R., & Davies, R.L. eds, IAU Symposium 171: New Light on Galaxy Evolution. Kluwer, Dordrecht, 225-.