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Professor Douglas James Davies - all publications

Authored book

  • Jupp, Peter C., Davies, Douglas J. Grainger, Hilary, Raeburn, Gordon & White, Stephen (2017). Cremation In Modern Scotland: History, Architecture and the Law. John Donald.
  • Davies, Douglas J. (2015). Mors Britannica: Lifestyle and Death-Style in Britain Today. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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Edited book

  • Davies, Douglas James & Park, Chang-Won (2012). Emotion, Identity and death: Mortality Across Disciplines. Farnham: Ashgate.
  • Davies, Douglas J. & Mates, Lewis H. (2005). Encyclopedia of Cremation. London: Ashgate.
  • Davies, D. J., Cameron, H., Richter, P. & Ward, F. (2005). Studying Local Churches: A Handbook. London: SCM Press.

Chapter in book

  • Davies, D. (Published). Ethics of Cremation and Religion. In Handbook on cremation commemorative publications for the 75th anniversary of the International Cremation Federation. Lichtner, R. Fachverlag des deautschen Bestattungsgewerbes. 55-73.
  • Davies, Douglas J. (Published). Salvation, Death and Nature as Grace. In Alternative Salvations. Bacon, Hannah & Dossett, Wendy Bloomsbury Academic. 85-96.
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  • Davies DJ (1995). 'Rebounding Vitality: Resurrection and Spirit in Luke-Acts'. The Bible in Human Society (eds) M.D. Carroll, D. Clines and P. Davies. In

Journal Article

  • Davies, Douglas J. (2020). Dividual identity in grief theories, palliative and bereavement care. Palliative Care and Social Practice 14: 1-12.
  • Davies, Douglas & Thate, Michael (2017). Monstrosities: Religion, Identity and Belief. Religions 8(6): 102.
  • Davies, Douglas J. (2008). Death, Immortality, and Sir James Frazer. Mortality Vol. 13.(No, 3.): 287-296.
  • Davies, D. J. (2007). Mormon History, Text, Colour and Rites. Journal of Religious History 31(3): 305-315.