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Dr Anthony Bash, LLB LLM BD PhD CTM

Telephone: 0191 33 42636
Chaplain in the Chaplains
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42636

(email at

I studied law at Bristol University and went on to practise law as a solicitor. I later studied theology at Glasgow University . My doctorate in theology is from Cambridge University.

My basic specialism is New Testament biblical studies, and Paul in particular. I am interested in reading the New Testament in an interdisciplinary way, both learning from and seeking to contribute to other disciplines. My doctorate (published in 1997) explored what the writers of the New Testament mean by 'ambassadors' in the light of Graeco-Roman literary and epigraphic records. At various times, I have written about what we mean by 'spirituality' in the twenty-first century in the secular context of institutions such as the NHS . I have also attempted to read and interpret the New Testament drawing on models from psychological theory.

In recent years, I have been engaging in research on what we mean by forgiveness. This has involved a rigorous exploration of New Testament texts in the light of political science, philosophy and psychological therapy. I am now exploring the relationship of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Books: authored

  • Bash, Anthony & Bash, Melanie (2012). Inside the Christmas Story. Reflections for Advent. London: Bloomsbury.
  • Bash, Anthony (2011). Just Forgiveness: Exploring the Bible, Weighing the Issues. London: SPCK.
  • Bash, Anthony (2007). Forgiveness and Christian Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Bash, Anthony (1997). Ambassadors for Christ: An Exploration of Ambassadorial Communication in the New Testament. Tubingen, Germany: Mohr-Siebeck.

Books: edited

  • Bash, Anthony (2012). Thomas Hatfield: Bishop, Soldier, and Politician. Durham Publications in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Toronto, Canada: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Durham University.

Essays in edited volumes

  • Bash, Anthony (2004). A Psychodynamic Approach to II Corinthians. In Psychology and the Bible. Ellens, J. H. & Rollins, W. G. Westport, Connecticut and London: Praeger. 3: 149-63.
  • Bash, Anthony & Bash, Melanie (2004). Early Christian Thinking. In Forgiveness in Context: Theology and Psychology in Creative Dialogue. Watts, F. N. & Gulliford, L. Edinburgh: London: T & T Clark.

Journal papers: academic

  • Bash, Anthony (2013). Did Jesus Discover Forgiveness? Journal of Religious Ethics 41(3): 382-399.
  • Bash, Anthony (2011). Forgiveness: A Re-appraisal. Studies in Christian Ethics 24(2): 133-146.
  • Bash, Anthony (2005). Humpty Dumpty in the Emperor's New Clothes? Journal of Clinical Nursing 14: 60-6.
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