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Durham University

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Dr Emma McCabe

Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics
Assistant Professor in the Centre for Materials Physics

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Emma McCabe’s research group focuses on structure – composition – property relationships in functional materials. We design and synthesis new functional materials and investigate their structure and properties. We’re interested in oxides (including perovskite-related materials), oxysulfides and oxyselenides, and oxyfluorides. These materials have useful magnetic, electronic and optical properties. 

I joined Durham Physics as Assistant Professor in Condensed Matter Physics in January 2021. My interest in materials physics/solid state chemistry began during my undergraduate studies and postgraduate research at University of Birmingham with Professor Colin Greaves. I then carried out postdoctoral research with Professor Tony West (Sheffield) and Professor John S. O. Evans (Durham Chemistry). I was appointed as lecturer and then senior lecturer in chemistry at University of Kent, before moving back to Durham. I’m really grateful to Max Alexander for use of the photo above, taken as part of the Illuminating Atoms exhibition ( for the International Year of Crystallography. 

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Vera Stimpson, Laura J., McNulty, Jason A., Morrison, Finlay D., Mahajan, Amit, McCabe, Emma E., Gibbs, Alexandra S., Stenning, Gavin B.G., Jura, Marek & Arnold, Donna C. (2020). A comprehensive variable temperature study of the layered oxide, Ca2Mn3O8. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 843: 155633.
  • Djani, Hania, McCabe, Emma E., Zhang, W., Halasyamani, P. S., Feteira, A., Bieder, Jordan, Bousquet, Eric & Ghosez, Philippe (2020). Bi2W2O9 : A potentially antiferroelectric Aurivillius phase. Physical Review B 101(13).
  • Chen, Kan, Di Paola, Cono, Laricchia, Savio, Reece, Michael J., Weber, Cedric, McCabe, Emma, Abrahams, Isaac & Bonini, Nicola (2020). Structural and electronic evolution in the Cu3SbS4–Cu3SnS4 solid solution. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8(33): 11508.
  • Skiadopoulou, Stella, Retuerto, Maria, Borodavka, Fedir, Kadlec, Christelle, Kadlec, Filip, Míšek, Martin, Prokleška, Jan, Deng, Zheng, Tan, Xiaoyan, Frank, Corey, Alonso, Jose A., Fernandez-Diaz, Maria Tereza, Croft, Mark, Orlandi, Fabio, Manuel, Pascal, McCabe, Emma, Legut, Dominik, Greenblatt, Martha & Kamba, Stanislav (2020). Structural, magnetic, and spin dynamical properties of the polar antiferromagnets Ni3−xCoxTeO6(x=1,2). Physical Review B 101(1).
  • Cascos, Vanessa A., Roberts-Watts, Jennifer, Skingle, Chloe, Levin, Igor, Zhang, Weiguo, Halasyamani, P. Shiv, Stennett, Martin C., Hyatt, Neil C., Bousquet, Eric & McCabe, Emma E. (2020). Tuning between Proper and Hybrid-Improper Mechanisms for Polar Behavior in CsLn2Ti2NbO10 Dion-Jacobson Phases. Chemistry of Materials 32(19): 8700.
  • Frank, Corey E., McCabe, Emma E., Orlandi, Fabio, Manuel, Pascal, Tan, Xiaoyan, Deng, Zheng, Croft, Mark, Cascos, Vanessa, Emge, Thomas, Feng, Hai L., Lapidus, Saul, Jin, Changqing, Wu, MeiXia, Li, Man Rong, Ehrlich, Steven, Khalid, Syed, Quackenbush, Nicholas, Yu, Shuang, Walker, David & Greenblatt, Martha (2019). Mn2CoReO6: a robust multisublattice antiferromagnetic perovskite with small A-site cations. Chemical Communications 55(23): 3331.
  • Tan, Xiaoyan, McCabe, Emma E., Orlandi, Fabio, Manuel, Pascal, Batuk, Maria, Hadermann, Joke, Deng, Zheng, Jin, Changqing, Nowik, Israel, Herber, Rolfe, Segre, Carlo U., Liu, Sizhan, Croft, Mark, Kang, Chang-Jong, Lapidus, Saul, Frank, Corey E., Padmanabhan, Haricharan, Gopalan, Venkatraman, Wu, Meixia, Li, Man-Rong, Kotliar, Gabriel, Walker, David & Greenblatt, Martha (2019). MnFe0.5Ru0.5O3: an above-room-temperature antiferromagnetic semiconductor. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7(3): 509.
  • Oogarah, Reeya K., Suard, Emmanuelle & McCabe, Emma E. (2018). Magnetic order and phase transition in the iron oxysulfide La 2 O 2 Fe 2 OS 2. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 446: 101.
  • Li, Man-Rong, McCabe, Emma E., Stephens, Peter W., Croft, Mark, Collins, Liam, Kalinin, Sergei V., Deng, Zheng, Retuerto, Maria, Sen Gupta, Arnab, Padmanabhan, Haricharan, Gopalan, Venkatraman, Grams, Christoph P., Hemberger, Joachim, Orlandi, Fabio, Manuel, Pascal, Li, Wen-Min, Jin, Chang-Qing, Walker, David & Greenblatt, Martha (2017). Magnetostriction-polarization coupling in multiferroic Mn2MnWO6. Nature Communications 8(1).
  • McCabe, Emma E., Bousquet, Eric, Stockdale, Christopher P. J., Deacon, Charles A., Tran, T. Thao, Halasyamani, P. Shiv, Stennett, Martin C. & Hyatt, Neil C. (2015). Proper Ferroelectricity in the Dion–Jacobson Material CsBi2Ti2NbO10: Experiment and Theory. Chemistry of Materials 27(24): 8298.
  • Giddings, A.T., Stennett, M.C., Reid, D.P., McCabe, E.E., Greaves, C. & Hyatt, N.C. (2011). Synthesis, structure and characterisation of the n=4 Aurivillius phase Bi5Ti3CrO15. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 184(2): 252.
  • McCabe, Emma E. & West, Anthony R. (2010). New high permittivity tetragonal tungsten bronze dielectrics Ba2LaMNb4O15: M=Mn, Fe. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 183(3): 624.
  • Wu, Y., Pasero, D., McCabe, E.E., Matsushima, Y. & West, A.R. (2009). Partial cation-order and early-stage, phase separation in phase W, Li x Co 1− x O: 0.075≤ x ≤0.24−0.31. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 465(2106): 1829.
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  • McCabe, E.E. & Greaves, C. (2008). Structural and magnetic characterisation of Aurivillius material Bi2Sr2Nb2.5Fe0.5O12. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 181(11): 3051.
  • McCabe, E. E., Jones, I. P., Zhang, D., Hyatt, N. C. & Greaves, C. (2007). Crystal structure and electrical characterisation of Bi2NbO5F: an Aurivillius oxide fluoride. Journal of Materials Chemistry 17(12): 1193.
  • McCabe, Emma E. & Greaves, Colin (2007). Fluorine insertion reactions into pre-formed metal oxides. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 128(4): 448.
  • McCabe, E. E. & Greaves, C. (2006). Synthesis and Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Mixed Manganese−Coppern= 1 Ruddlesden−Popper Phases. Chemistry of Materials 18(24): 5774.
  • McCabe, E. E. & Greaves, C. (2005). Structural and magnetic characterisation of Bi2Sr1.4La0.6Nb2MnO12and its relationship to “Bi2Sr2Nb2MnO12”. J. Mater. Chem 15(1): 177.
  • Cheung, Eugene Y., McCabe, Emma E., Harris, Kenneth D. M., Johnston, Roy L., Tedesco, Emilio, Raja, K. Muruga Poopathi & Balaram, Padmanabhan (2002). C−H⋅⋅⋅O Hydrogen Bond Mediated Chain Reversal in a Peptide Containing aγ-Amino Acid Residue, Determined Directly from Powder X-ray Diffraction Data. Angewandte Chemie 114(3): 512.

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