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Prantika Bhowmik - all publications

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  • Dash, Soumyranjan, Bhowmik, Prantika, B S, Athira, Ghosh, Nirmalya & Nandy, Dibyendu (2020). Prediction of the Sun's Coronal Magnetic Field and Forward-modeled Polarization Characteristics for the 2019 July 2 Total Solar Eclipse. The Astrophysical Journal 890(1): 37.
  • Bhowmik, Prantika (2019). Polar flux imbalance at the sunspot cycle minimum governs hemispheric asymmetry in the following cycle. Astronomy & Astrophysics 632: A117.
  • Dash, Soumyaranjan, Bhowmik, Prantika & Nandy, Dibyendu (2019). Prediction of the Sun’s Corona for the Total Solar Eclipse on 2019 July 2. Research Notes of the AAS 3(6): 86.
  • Bhowmik, Prantika & Nandy, Dibyendu (2018). Prediction of the strength and timing of sunspot cycle 25 reveal decadal-scale space environmental conditions. Nature Communications 9(1).
  • Mazumder, Rakesh, Bhowmik, Prantika & Nandy, Dibyendu (2018). The Association of Filaments, Polarity Inversion Lines, and Coronal Hole Properties with the Sunspot Cycle: An Analysis of the McIntosh Database. The Astrophysical Journal 868(1): 52.
  • Nandy, Dibyendu, Bhowmik, Prantika, Yeates, Anthony R., Panda, Suman, Tarafder, Rajashik & Dash, Soumyaranjan (2018). The Large-scale Coronal Structure of the 2017 August 21 Great American Eclipse: An Assessment of Solar Surface Flux Transport Model Enabled Predictions and Observations. The Astrophysical Journal 853(1): 72.