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Professor Roger MacGinty - all publications

Authored book

  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2011). International Peacebuilding and Local Resistance: Hybrid forms of peace. Palgrave.

Edited book

  • Ozerdem, Alp & Mac Ginty, Roger (2019). Comparing Peace Processes. Routledge.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger & Williams, Andrew (2016). Conflict and Development. Routledge Perspectives on Development. Routledge.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger & Peterson, Jenny H (2015). The Routledge Companion to Humanitarian Action. Routledge.

Journal Article

  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2019). Circuits, the everyday and international relations: Connecting the home to the international and transnational. Cooperation and Conflict 54(2): 234-253.
  • MacGinty, Roger (2019). Complementarity and Interdisciplinarity in Peace and Conflict Studies. Journal of Global Security Studies 4(2): 267-272.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger , Joshi, Madhav & Lee, SungYong (2019). Liberal Peace Implementation and the Durability of Post-war Peace. International Peacekeeping 26(4): 457-486.
  • Richmond, Oliver P. & Mac Ginty, Roger (2019). Mobilities and peace. Globalizations 16(5): 606-624.
  • Ginty, Roger Mac (2019). Post-legitimacy and post-legitimisation: a convergence of Western and non-Western intervention. Conflict, Security & Development 19(3): 251.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2017). A material turn in International Relations: the 4x4, intervention and resistance. Review of International Studies 43(05): 855-874.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2017). Everyday Social Practices and Boundary-Making in Deeply Divided Societies. Civil Wars 19(1): 4.
  • Firchow, Pamina & Mac Ginty, Roger (2017). Including Hard-to-Access Populations Using Mobile Phone Surveys and Participatory Indicators. Sociological Methods & Research
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2017). Peacekeeping and Data. International Peacekeeping 24(5): 695.
  • Read, Róisín & Mac Ginty, Roger (2017). The Temporal Dimension in Accounts of Violent Conflict: A Case Study from Darfur. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 11(2): 147.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2015). Where is the local? Critical localism and peacebuilding. Third World Quarterly 36(5): 840-856.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2014). Everyday Peace: Bottom-up and local agency in conflict-affected societies. Security Dialogue 45(6): 548-564.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2013). Indicators+: A proposal for everyday peace indicators. Evaluation and Program Planning 36(1): 56.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2012). Against Stabilization. Stability: International Journal of Security and Development 1(1): 20.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2010). Social network analysis and counterinsurgency: a counterproductive strategy? Critical Studies on Terrorism 3(2): 209.
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  • Hamieh, Christine Sylva & Mac Ginty, Roger (2009). A very political reconstruction: governance and reconstruction in Lebanon after the 2006 war. Disasters 34: S103.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2009). The Liberal Peace at Home and Abroad: Northern Ireland and Liberal Internationalism. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 11(4): 690.
  • Mac Ginty, Roger (2008). Indigenous Peace-Making Versus the Liberal Peace. Cooperation and Conflict 43(2): 139.