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Durham University

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Dr Jeremy Dunham

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Assistant Professor/Director of History of Philosophy Research Cluster/Exam Board Rep in the Department of Philosophy

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I am interested in issues in metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophy of mind in early modern and nineteenth-century philosophy.

I spend a lot of my time working on forgotten figures in the history of philosophy (James Ward, Charles Renouvier, and Clarisse Coignet, to name a few), but I have recently been focusing my research on the more well known philosophers William James and Hegel. I am writing a book on William James and the relationship between his metaphysics and his pragmatism, and I hope to finish that relatively soon. I am also writing a book on habit in the history of philosophy (from Descartes to Dewey), which will no doubt take a lot longer.

Before coming to work at Durham, I held a Levehulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Sheffield, a Visiting Fellowship at the University of Chicago's Commitee on Social Thought, and an Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Research Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh.

I am also the treasurer for the British Society for the History of Philosophy:

My Office Hours are 3-4 on Wednesdays and 3-5 on Thursdays every week during term time. 

Research Groups

Department of Philosophy

Research Interests

  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Habit
  • Idealism
  • Nineteenth-Century French Philosophy
  • Pragmatism


Authored book

  • Dunham, J., Grant, I. & Watson, S. (2014). Idealism: The History of a Philosophy. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Edited book

  • Dunham, J. & Phemister, P. (2018). Monadologies. Routledge.

Chapter in book

  • Dunham, J. (Published). "Monkeys and Monads". In Leibniz's Legacy and Impact. Julia Weckend & Lloyd Strickland Routledge.
  • Dunham, J. (2017). Leibniz et la philosophie français du XIXe siècle’. In Leibniz: Lectures et commentaires. Laerke, Mogens, Leduc, Christian & Rabouin, David Paris: Librairie philosophique J. Vrin.
  • Dunham, J. (2016). A Universal and Absolute Spiritualism: Maine de Biran’s Leibniz. In The Relationship between the Physical and Moral in Man: The Philosophy of Maine de Biran. Meacham, Darian & Spadola, Joseph London New York: Bloomsbury. 157-197.

Journal Article

  • Dunham, J. (2020). On the Experience of Activity: William James's Late Metaphysics and the Influence of Nineteenth-Century French Spiritualism. Journal of the History of Philosophy 58(2): 267-291.
  • Dunham, Jeremy (2020). Overcoming the Divide between Freedom and Nature: Clarisse Coignet on the Metaphysics of Independent Morality. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 28(5): 987-1008.
  • Dunham, J. (2019). Habits of Mind: A Brand New Condillac. Journal of Modern Philosophy 1(1): 1.
  • Dunham, J. & Lawford-Smith, H. (2017). Offsetting Race Privilege. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 11(2): 1-23.
  • Dunham, J. (2015). From Habit to Monads: Félix Ravaisson’s Theory of Substance. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 23(6): 1085-1105.
  • Dunham, J. (2015). Idealism, Pragmatism, and the Will to Believe: Charles Renouvier and William James. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 23(4): 756-778.
  • Dunham, J. & Phemister, P. (2015). Monadologies: An Historical Overview. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 23(6): 1023-1032.
  • Dunham, J. (2014). Was James Ward a Cambridge Pragmatist? British Journal for the History of Philosophy 22(3): 557-581.