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Durham University

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Dr Gemma Tully, BA, MA, PhD

Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology

(email at


Gemma is a community archaeologist and museum professional who has worked on collaborative projects to enhance mutual understandings of cultural landscapes and museum collections between diverse stakeholders in Europe and North Africa. Her PhD (University of Southampton, 2010) focused on innovative, community-based approaches for the representation of ancient and modern Egypt in museums. This research was recently developed into a ground-breaking exhibition at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, in which contemporary Egyptian art and ancient Egyptian artefacts were displayed side-by-side (see 

Gemma has worked in the Museum sector in the UK in learning, visitor services and curatorial roles, as well as co-ordinated community archaeology projects, from excavations and exhibitions to co-authored publications, in the UK, Sudan and Egypt.

Gemma has published widely on heritage, community archaeology and museology. Her role within the Durham University REFIT project (see and was to carry out stakeholder interviews and develop engagement strategies surrounding the management of cultural landscapes within the two UK case study area and to share best practice. Due to the success of the first phase of the REFIT project, the UK research has been extended to look at 3 further landscapes in the Cotswolds. The work will build on recommendations for integrated rural landscape management from Moore and Tully's 2017 paper (see publications), which aims to shape government policy and build sustainable management strategies for the future.

Research Groups

Department of Archaeology

Research Projects

Department of Archaeology

  • REFIT: Resituating Europe’s first towns: A case study in enhancing knowledge transfer and developing sustainable management of cultural landscapes


Authored book

  • Tully, G., Didier-Hess, V., Khalil, M. & Abla, N (2017). Eternal Light, Something Old Something New. Art D'Egypte.
  • Tully, G. & Naser, C (2016). Discovering Mograt Island Together. Humboldt University Press.
  • Tully, G. & Ridges, M. (2016). Regenerating Practices Series, Volume 2: Collaborative Heritage Management. Gorgias Press.

Chapter in book

  • Bednarski, A. & Tully, G. (2018). Aspects of the relationships between the community of Sheikh Abd al-Qurna and ancient Egyptian monuments. In Oxford Handbook of Egyptology. Oxford University Press.
  • Tully, G. (2017). Contemporary Egyptian Dialogues: Collaborative Approaches to Museum Displays of Ancient Egypt. In ECHO Series - Discourses in Heritage Management in Egypt: The Management of Egypt's Cultural Heritage. Hassan, F.A., Tassie, G.J, De Trafford, A., Owens, L. & Van Wetering, J. Golden House.
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  • Tully, G. (2016). Resituating cultural landscapes: Pan-European strategies for sustainable management. In Heritage 2016. 5th International conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development. Book of abstracts with papers in CD form. Amoêda, R., Lira, S. & Pinheiro, C. Barcelos: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development. 347-359.
  • Tully, G. (2010). Ten Years On: The Community Archaeology Project Quseir, Egypt. In Proceedings of the 7th Conference for Archaeology and Education. University of Barcelona.

Journal Article

  • Tully, G. & Allen, M.J. (2017). Participatory Augering: A methodology for challenging perceptions of archaeology and landscape change. Public Archaeology 16(3-4): 191-213.
  • Tully, G. (2015). Community Archaeology in Sudan: Discovering Mograt Island Together. MittSAG, Der Antike Sudan 26: 201-204.
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