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Durham University

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Professor Tobias Weinzierl

Personal web page

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42519
Room number: E327

Contact Professor Tobias Weinzierl (email at


T. Weinzierl: A Framework for Parallel PDE Solvers on Multiscale Adaptive Cartesian Grids. Verlag Dr. Hut, München, 2009.

This book is available online though I very much appreciate if you buy it from the publisher.


M. Bader, H.-J. Bungartz and T. Weinzierl (ed.): Advanced Computing, Volume 93 of Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering. Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin, 2013.

Research Groups

Department of Computer Science

  • Innovative Computing

Research Interests

  • High-performance Computing
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Scientific Computing

Selected Publications

Authored book

  • Bader, Michael, Bungartz, Hans-Joachim & Weinzierl, Tobias (2013). Advanced Computing. Heidelberg, Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Chapter in book

  • Bader, Michael & Weinzierl, Tobias (2015). Cache-Oblivious Spacetree Traversals. In Encyclopedia of Algorithms. Kao, Ming-Yang Springer. 1-6.

Journal Article

  • Murray, Charles D. & Weinzierl, Tobias (2020). Delayed approximate matrix assembly in multigrid with dynamic precisions. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
  • Charrier, Dominic E. , Hazelwood, Benjamin & Weinzierl, Tobias (2020). Enclave Tasking for DG Methods on Dynamically Adaptive Meshes. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC) 42(3): C69-C96.
  • Reinarz, Anne, Charrier, Dominic E., Bader, Michael, Bovard, Luke, Dumbser, Michael, Duru, Kenneth, Fambri, Francesco, Gabriel, Alice-Agnes, Gallard, Jean-Matthieu, Köppel, Sven, Krenz, Lukas, Rannabauer, Leonhard, Rezzolla, Luciano, Samfass, Philipp, Tavelli, Maurizio & Weinzierl, Tobias (2020). ExaHyPE: An engine for parallel dynamically adaptive simulations of wave problems. Computer Physics Communications 254: 107251.
  • Samfass, Philipp, Weinzierl, Tobias, Charrier, Dominic E. & Bader, Michael (2020). Lightweight Task Offloading Exploiting MPI Wait Times for Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 32(24): e5916.
  • Murray, Charles D. & Weinzierl, Tobias (2020). Stabilized Asynchronous Fast Adaptive Composite Multigrid using Additive Damping. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
  • Tavelli, Maurizio, Dumbser, Michael, Charrier, Dominic E, Rannabauer, Leonhard, Weinzierl, Tobias & Bader, Michael (2019). A simple diffuse interface approach on adaptive Cartesian grids for the linear elastic wave equations with complex topography. Journal of Computational Physics 386: 158-189.
  • Charrier, D.E., Hazelwood, B., Tutlyaeva, E., Bader, M., Dumbser, M., Kudryavtsev, A., Moskovsky, A. & Weinzierl, T. (2019). Studies on the energy and deep memory behaviour of a cache-oblivious, task-based hyperbolic PDE solver. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 33(5): 973-986.
  • Weinzierl, Tobias (2019). The Peano software---parallel, automaton-based, dynamically adaptive grid traversals. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 45(2): 14.
  • Dumbser, Michael, Fambri, Francesco, Tavelli, Maruizio, Bader, Michael & Weinzierl, Tobias (2018). Efficient Implementation of ADER Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for a Scalable Hyperbolic PDE Engine. Axioms 7(3): 63.
  • Weinzierl, Marion & Weinzierl, Tobias (2018). Quasi-matrix-free hybrid multigrid on dynamically adaptive Cartesian grids. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 44(3): 32, 32:1-32:44.
  • Reps, Bram & Weinzierl, Tobias (2017). Complex additive geometric multilevel solvers for Helmholtz equations on spacetrees. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 44(1): 2.
  • Weinzierl, T., Verleye, B., Henri, P. & Roose, D. (2016). Two Particle-in-Grid Realisations on Spacetrees. Parallel Computing 52: 42-64.

Conference Paper

  • Samfass, Philipp, Weinzierl, Tobias, Hazelwood, Benjamin & Bader, Michael (2020), teaMPI---replication-based resiliency without the (performance) pain, in Sadayappan, Ponnuswamy, Chamberlain, Bradford L., Juckeland, Guido & Ltaief, Hatem eds, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 12151: ISC High Performance. Frankfurt, Springer, 455-473.

Newspaper/Magazine Article

  • Weinzierl, Tobias (Accepted). HPC Coding: The Power of L(o)osing Control. HPC Wire
  • Weinzierl, Tobias (2016). Form Follows Function - Do algorithms and applications challenge or drag behind the hardware evolution? ISC High Performance 2016

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