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Durham University

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Dr Richard Wilman, MPhys, PhD, MInstP, FHEA

Assistant Professor (Teaching) in the Department of Physics

Contact Dr Richard Wilman (email at

Room Number: Rochester Building 312


Edited book

Chapter in book

  • Wilman, Richard J., Dayal, Pratika & Ward, Martin (2018). Hazards & Habitability: Galactic Perspectives. In Frontiers of Space Risk: Natural Cosmic Hazards & Societal Challenges. Wilman, Richard J. & Newman, Christopher J. CRC Press. 77-104.

Journal Article

Conference Paper

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  • Levrier, F., Wilman, R.J., Obreschkow, D., Kloeckner, H.R., Heywood, I.H. & Rawlings, S. (2009), Mapping the SKA Simulated Skies with the S3-Tools, Wide Field Astronomy \amp Technology for the Square Kilometre Array. 5.
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