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An Ontology of Animal Minds


There were around 100 participants at the symposium. The speakers, commentators and chairs are listed here in alphabetical order:

Kim Bard (Portsmouth)

Robert Barton (Durham, Anthropology)

Melissa Bateson (Newcastle)

Thomas Bugnyar (Vienna)

Andy Byford (Durham, MLAC)

Mattei Candea (Cambridge)

Alan Costall (Portsmouth)

Kate Cross (St Andrews)

Lewis Dean (St Andrews)

Benedict Douglas (Durham, Law)

Dominic Dwyer (Cardiff)

Madeline Eacott (Durham, Psychology)

Emma Flynn (Durham, Education)

Marta Halina (Cambridge)

Daniel Hanus (Max Planck)

Sue Healy (St Andrews)

Cecilia Heyes (Oxford)

Russell Hill (Durham, Anthropology)

Ludmilla Jordanova (Durham, History)

Jeremy Kendal (Durham, Anthropology)

Rachel Kendal (Durham, Anthropology)

Sonja Koski (Helsinki)

Elli Leadbeater (Royal Holloway)

Garry Marvin (Roehampton)

Anthony McGregor (Durham, Psychology)

Claire Molloy (Edge Hill)

Liz Paul (Bristol)

Bess Price (Newcastle)

Greg Radick (Leeds)

Candy Rowe (Newcastle)

Thom Scott-Phillips (Durham, Anthropology)

Katie Slocombe (York)

Amanda Seed (St Andrews)

Alex Thornton (Exeter)

Anna Wilkinson (Lincoln)