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Durham University

X-ray Science



X-ray Holography of Biskyrmions

(8 May 2019)

Biskyrmions are believed to be composed of two counter rotating Bloch skyrmions forming a new type of skyrmion molecule. However detailed Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy measurements (undertaken at Cambridge) and X-ray Holography (performed at the Soleil synchrotron Paris) have demonstrated that the biskyrmions in MnNiGa are in fact magnetic bubbles due to a misinterpretation of demagnetising fields. This work has been published in Advanced Materials, with a video abstract and also as a highlight on the SOLEIL website. 

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'Do Images of Biskyrmions show Type II Bubbles?", Louden et. al.,

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"Bursting Bubbles: A Holographic Examination of Magnetic Biskyrmions on Sextants"