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Durham University

Department of Anthropology: Writing Across Boundaries

Morgan Windram-Geddes

Type a few sentences

Delete them

They were crap

It just goes on and on and on

Type some more

Check email

A cup of tea

Is it 11am?

This is the life of the PhD

You remember a new song you heard

And liked

So you find it on youtube and listen to it

Over and over again

Until you get another idea for a sentence

And you type it

And maybe you type another

And maybe for a half hour you manage to write something useful

What is useful?

It’s only a ‘chunky’ document

Who’s going to read it?

But future PhDs looking for

Examples of published PhDs

But inside your PhD

They won’t see the hours you spent

Checking email and making tea.



Morgan Windram-Geddes is a postgraduate researcher whose PhD 'Fit for Girls', Fit for Life? Emotive and Bodily Geographies of Scottish Secondary School Girls in the space of PE will be submitted in the Department of Geography at Dundee University. She attended the 2012 Writing Across Boundaries workshop and subsequently wrote this poem about her PhD writing experiences.