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Department of Anthropology: Writing Across Boundaries

Postgraduates On Writing

Have you something you want to share about writing? Or perhaps something to get off your chest as a postgraduate about the writing process?

We invite research postgraduates from around the world to submit short articles (500 and 1,500 words) to us on any aspect of the process of writing in postgraduate study.

You can submit your article by emailing it to us here. You can ask for your piece to be anonymous, if you would prefer, or for your biographical details to be included and links made to your webpage or blog. The decision to publish the piece on the website will rest with the Writing across Boundaries project leaders, Bob Simpson and Robin Humphrey.

Our latest contribution comes from

  • Morgan Windram-Geddes with The PhD, a poem about writing. 

Postgraduates on Writing collection

All are welcome to come and discuss their experiences of writing in the online group here

Abandoned Chapters

a poem about writing a PhD by Soibam Haripriya [Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics]

I visited the abandoned chapters;
they had grown sullen and strange.
The scribbled notes
as if a morose,
neglected lover
wait for me
to decipher their bitterness.
I coax the words
to enlarge their meanings.
I cajole the mundane
for a missing clue.
says the law of writing,
another hour
perhaps two
lie folded
amongst escapade tea breaks,
In the loneliness
of losing words
and thoughts,
I pour over words
and words.
A leap years' pact hung above
-Damocles’ sword.
Soibam is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. She is also a poet. Her poems have been included in an anthology called "Tattooed with Taboos" published by Loktakleima Publications (2011), Imphal, Manipur.

As a scholar of Sociology, she is currently engaged in documenting and analysing changing meaning of "sites" in the context of military operations. She is in the final phase of writing up my doctoral thesis.

The poem was written in the context of revisiting 'fieldnotes' and half written chapters, after a conversation with a fellow researcher who was going through the same phase. It was written, she recalled, ' after one of the umpteen tea breaks in the tea stall right in front of the library where we work from'.