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Durham University

Health and Wellbeing Hub

Silvercloud for Students

Silvercloud offers both programmes on general wellbeing and health and programmes focused on particular mental health issues.

Programmes available for all students to work through by yourself in your own time are:


  • Space for Mindfulness
  • Space for Sleep
  • Space for Resilience
  • Space from Money Worries
  • Space from Stress
  • Space for Positive Body Image
  • Space from Alcohol
  • Space from COVID 19

Chronic Health

  • Space in Diabetes from Depression & Anxiety
  • Space in Chronic Pain from Depression & Anxiety

The following programmes have the best results when you work through them in your own time and a ‘supporter’ from the Counselling Service logs in each week to review your progress and offer encouragement and additional support.

Mental Health

  • Space from Anxiety
  • Space from Depression
  • Space from Depression & Anxiety

Other specialist mental health programmes are available. Your practitioner will advise.

Please email the Counselling Service at to register your interest in a Mental Health Silvercloud programme, or if you prefer to work alone, please indicate this in your email and we will refer you onto the programme.

If you are experiencing mental health difficulties, there may be other ways that the Counselling Service can support you. Please get in touch.

Privacy notice:

Durham University has an agreement with SilverCloud.

If you use the modules from open access, the only information staff in the Counselling Service will see is your name. Any data you input to the modules for your own reflections will be held confidentially and only visible to you.

If you choose to use SilverCloud through the Counselling Service with a supporter, the data you input will be visible to the Counselling Service staff member to facilitate your support.