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About the University web site

Links for students from the old 'internal home page'

The following table shows the links of interest to students which existed on the old 'internal home page', alongside the new location of the same or equivalent information.
Link on old internal page: Where to find it now:


Academic departments Top menu bar
Colleges Top menu bar
Museums/Gardens/Leisure Departments / Service & Admin Depts / Other units
Research Centres & Groups Departments (top menu) then left hand navig
Service & Admin departments Departments (top menu) then left hand navig
Societies/Clubs/Unions/Defence Sources of information/Student societies
Alphabetical listing Top right
Careers Advisory Service Services
Information Technology Service Services
duo Feature box on right

About the University

Almanac Durham home / Staff gateway / Diary
Appeals, Complaints and Discipline Service & admin depts/Registrar/Academic Office/Secretariat
Committees The University / Governance
Email/Phone Directories Bottom left
University Calendar Sources of information / Regulations
Teaching & Learning Handbook Durham home / Staff gateway / Handbooks and Manuals
Faculty Handbook Sources of information
Facts The University
Strategy The University / Mission and Strategy
Vice Chancellor and Warden The University /Governance
Policies on fraud & whistle-blowing Service departments / Treasurers / Internal Audit


News & Events Sources of information
Noticeboard news.service (above)/Noticeboard
Forthcoming Conferences news.service/Events, then select Conferences in Events relevant to:
Congregation Service & admin depts/Registrar/Academic Office/Secretariat
Online Training Course Bookings Durham home / Staff gateway / Staff training
Diversity and Equality Departments / Service and admin departments / Personnel
Services to business & community Durham home / right hand navigation
Services for distance learners Left hand navigation
Unisys at Durham Durham home / Staff gateway / Services / Unisys


Academic and general resources Durham home / Staff gateway / Academic and general resources
Searching for information Durham home / Staff gateway / Academic and general resources
The North East Durham home / Staff gateway / Academic and general resources

Top and left hand links

Conferences Durham Home / Conferences and events (left hand navig)
Postgraduate Durham home / Postgraduate
Research Durham home / Research (top menu bar)
Undergraduate Durham home / Undergraduate
About us The University
Alumni Durham home / Alumni information
Contacts Left hand navigation
Home Durham Home (top menu bar)
Info Service Replaced by Student gateway
Library Services
Search Top right