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Treasurer - Durham Palestine Educational Trust

The Durham Palestine Educational Trust (Reg. No.1085097) is seeking a volunteer to become its Honorary Treasurer from November 2014. He or she would also be a Trustee of the charity.

The job is obviously very important to the charity but it is not very onerous. It takes perhaps 2 or 3 hours a month or a bit longer when there are fundraising events (February and June) and when the annual financial statement has to be compiled and Gift Aid reclaimed (October). The Trustees usually have 4 meetings a year.

The Trust’s main aim is to support Palestinian economic and social development by funding Master’s degree scholarships at Durham for talented Palestinian graduates. The organisation was founded in 1984 but, since 2001 when it started to concentrate on Master’s degrees, it has funded 26 such scholarships. The Trust enjoys wide support among current and retired members of the University staff and the wider community. The other current main officers are Secretary: Derek Kennet (Archaeology) and Chair: Chris Harker (Geography). More information can be found at on their website.

In addition to supporting the Trust’s aims, the only requirement is a reasonable level of numeracy. A familiarity with spreadsheets would be an advantage.

Anyone who might be interested in becoming the Trust’s Treasurer should email Vin McIntyre and he will arrange to meet him or her informally.

Durham County Carers Support - www.dccarers.org

Role Purpose: To utilise your personal skills, experience and knowledge to lead and support Durham County Carers Support in its provision of supporting Carers. To be an active and contributing member of the board at all levels. To ensure compliance in all area of legislation, policy and procedure, using personal skills and experience to help the Board of Trustees in reaching structured and sound decisions.



  • To be an active Board Member, helping to give the organisation strategic direction.
  • To actively contribute at Board Meetings and help to monitor the implementation of decisions taken at meetings.
  • Contribute to the setting of policy, objectives and adherence to, therafter.
  • Help facilitate and manage conflict.
  • Ensure the financial stability of the organisation and ensure sound risk management.
  • To appoint independent auditors and approve audited accounts.
  • Ensure the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law and other relevant regulations.


  • Contribute to the development of the charity mission and vision as set out in the Business Plan.
  • Raise the public profile of the organisation.
  • To provide leadership which supports staff to manage periods of change or difficulty.
  • To develop and approve the organisation’s objectives and outcomes.
  • To promote the reputation of the organisation
  • To provide the leadership necessary for all the staff to deliver high quality services at all times
  • To regularly assess the environment and develop the organisation’s business strategy


  • To review and agree any major changes to the organisation e.g mergers
  • To regularly assess the environment and develop the organisations business plan and strategy

 Performance Management

  • To monitor and assess the organisation’s results in relation to the agreed business plan, strategy and budget
  • To agree alternative action to remedy shortfalls in performance

Risk Management

  • To maintain a robust overview of the principal risks facing the charity
  • To exercise scrutiny over the charity’s risk management systems

 All Trustees will be recruited and undergo an induction in accordance with the organisations policy and procedures.

 Time Commitment: Trustee Board Meetings are held Bi Monthly and venues are rotated across the County between Newton Aycliffe, Chester le Street and Peterlee. They are held on the last Tuesday of the month between 10am and 12.30 pm. There are occasional planning sessions and training throughout the year and the AGM is in September. Overall a commitment of half a day per month if required. Communication between meetings takes place via email or telephone.

Person Specification: 

  Essential Desirable
Key Skills andabilities
  • Ability to offer creative strategic direction
  • Good communication skills across all levels
  • Excellent planning and organisational abilities
  • A creative and innovative approach in the role of Trustee balanced by a sound professional track record
Knowledge andUnderstanding
  • Understanding of the voluntary sector
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • Understanding of governance
  • Knowledge or experience of committee procedures
  • Significant experience in at least one of the following areas:
  • Legal Governance
  • Leadership and Management
  • Social Care & Health
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Fundraising
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Managing change and organisational development
  • Estates and Support Services
  • Experience of giving direction to board policy-making
  • Social Care & Health Sector knowledge 
  • Commitment to the organisation and willingness to devote the required time and effort
  • An engaging enthusiast who is willing to speak their mind
  • A problem-solving ‘can-do’ approach
  • A willingness to uphold the principles of public service: selflessness; integrity; objectivity; accountability; openness; honesty and leadership
  • Flexibility
  • A willingness to multitask and diversify into new areas
  • Experience and knowledge of Community and Voluntary Sector