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Durham University

Staff Volunteering and Outreach

Computer Science CEP Project - Partner Registration

Please fill in this form to apply to be considered for the Durham University SVO Computer Science CEP Project 2019-20. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can gauge your organisation's suitability for the project and ensure a fair selection process.

What is the project? CEP stands for Community Engagement Project. It is part of an assessed module in Software Engineering that students in their second year of a Computer Science degree undertake. The aim of the project is to give students experience of working with real clients, so that they develop their professional consultancy skills, as well as providing tangible support to community organisations. The project will run from October 2019 and will be completed in Feb/March 2020.

What do the students do? Students work in groups of 5-6 members and the group is expected to put in a significant amount of work into the project. There are weekly timetabled workshops on Thursdays between 9am and 1pm, during which the students will work on the project, and this is also when they are encouraged to visit and correspond with their community partner.

What do I need to do? To be considered for the project, your proposal must be feasible to complete within the October to February timescale and there must be a main contact within your organisation who commits to meeting with the students at least twice during the project, and to be available to provide information as required during the project via telephone or email if required.  Please submit your initial application by 5pm Friday August 23rd 2019.

Please note all information is kept in line with the University's privacy guidlines. More information can be found:

Organisation Details

If it does not fit into any of the above categories, please state how you would best describe your organisation.

Who will be the person within your organisation that is best for the students to contact. Please provide contact details below.

Please provide us with a brief summary of what your organisation does.

Your Project Proposal

Please provide as much information on the IT issue as you can at this stage (don't worry if you don't have too much detail yet). Use technical detail if known, and let us know how a solution to this issue would aid your organisation in delivering its core aims. 

Further Information

Please provide any further information you feel is relevant to your application.