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Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

Isotopic adventures exploring multi-faith societies of the Medieval Mediterranean

10th December 2019, 12:00 to 13:00, Arthur Holmes Building - ES231 -TR4, Dr. Michelle Alexander Senior Lecturer in Bioarchaeology, York University

In this seminar, I will present some of the recent isotopic results from collaborative research projects focusing on the Western Mediterranean, including the ERC funded project 'Sicily in Transition'. Bulk carbon (δ13C), nitrogen (δ15N) and a smattering of sulphur (δ34S) isotope data of humans and their animals will be discussed in the backdrop of medieval societies where multiple faiths, ethnicities and cultures came together in Spain, Portugal and Sicily between the c. 7th–16th centuries CE. Altogether, the isotopic data will be used to explore sociopolitical transitions, identities and agriculture while also reflecting on the effectiveness of this approach in the Mediterranean context.

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 Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

The Volcanic Margins Research Consortium (VMRC) provides the petroleum industry with training and research expertise in volcanology, sedimentology and structural geology of volcanic margins. The consortium comprises academic staff at the universities of Durham, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leicester and CASP, and industry partners involved in the development of hydrocarbon prospects in the North Atlantic Igneous Province and the Faroes-Shetland Basin.

Training takes place during workshops, in the laboratory and on field courses and each industrial partner has the opportunity to fund PhD projects through the member universities.

VMRC Leader: Richard Brown

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