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Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

Green rust mineral and other related iron hydroxides for water dephosphatisation and denitrification.

28th November 2017, 12:00 to 13:00, Arthur Holmes Building - ES230 -TR3, Prof. Christian Ruby - Professor of Materials Science, Université de Lorraine

The activated sludge treatments combined to the addition of ferric chloride is commonly used to eliminate nitrate and phosphate from waste water in urban area. These processes that need costly infrastructures are not always suitable for rural areas and passive treatments (lagoons, reed bed filters…) are frequently performed. Reed bed filters are efficient for removing organic matter but are not suitable for treating phosphate and nitrate as well. Passive water treatments using various materials (hydroxyapatite, slag…) were already performed, but those allowing the elimination of both nitrate and phosphate are not actually available. The goal of this work is to identify the most suitable iron based materials for such treatments and to determine their optimal use conditions, in particular in hydrodynamic mode. The reactivity of the iron based minerals was measured either by using free particles in suspension or by depositing these particles on a solid substrate. Pozzolana, a volcanic rock, that is characterized by a porous sponge-like structure suits for settling a high amount of iron oxides. Among the family of iron oxides, ferrihydrite exhibits the highest phosphate adsorption capacity. The possibility to use green rust for water denitrification will also be discussed during this seminar.

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 Volcanic Margins Research Consortium

The Volcanic Margins Research Consortium (VMRC) provides the petroleum industry with training and research expertise in volcanology, sedimentology and structural geology of volcanic margins. The consortium comprises academic staff at the universities of Durham, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Leicester and CASP, and industry partners involved in the development of hydrocarbon prospects in the North Atlantic Igneous Province and the Faroes-Shetland Basin.

Training takes place during workshops, in the laboratory and on field courses and each industrial partner has the opportunity to fund PhD projects through the member universities.

VMRC Leader: Richard Brown

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