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Durham University

University Secretary's Office

Authorised Signatories for Legal Documents

Authorised Signatories

In the course of its day to day business, the University is required to enter into a large volume of legal contracts. The Scheme of Delegation has been agreed with those with Primary Responsibility for the signing of documents in various business areas and has been approved by the University Executive Committee (UEC) and Audit Committee*.

This Scheme takes into account the University’s statutory and governance framework, the level of risk to the University in entering into a legal document and the nature of the legal document itself.

Primary Signatories

The Primary Signatories are the individuals who, where there is a legal or financial issue arising within a legal document, are responsible for taking any risk or commercial considerations into account and making (subject to any other governance approvals) the final decision on behalf of the University as to whether or not to enter into the legal document in question.

Delegated Signatories

The Delegated Signatories identified are stated in their capacity of physically executing (signing) the legal document for and on behalf of the Primary Signatory, who will keep under review their approved delegated signatories. A Delegated Signatory is not, by virtue of their being identified as a Delegated Signatory, authorised to make, on behalf of the University, any commercial or legal decisions with respect to the legal document they are being asked to execute.

As is the current process, all legal documents will first be reviewed by Legal Services who will then prepare the legal document for signature in accordance with the Authorised Signatory or Scheme of Delegation. Legal risks associated with the contracts will be highlighted by Legal Services.

The Delegation of Authority is subject to automatic revocation at any time by the University Secretary if the above conditions of exercise of delegation are not being followed.

*Note: The original list was agreed by UEC on 1 November 2016 and Audit Committee on 4 November 2016. Further minor revisions to delegated signatories have been made in consultation with Primary signatories.