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University Calendar

Senate Membership

Ex officio Members

The Vice-Chancellor and Warden

Professor Stuart Corbridge

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

Professor Antony Long

The five Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Professor Timothy Clark, Professor David Cowling, Professor Alan Houston, Professor Patrick Hussey, Professor Claire Warwick

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Colleges and Student Experience)

Mr Owen Adams

The Dean of the Graduate School (Portfolio held by the Dean and Deputy to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education))

Dr Tony Fawcett

Heads of College

University College

Master: Professor David Held

Hatfield College

Master: Professor Tim Burt

St Mary's College

Principal: Mrs Catherine Paine Acting until April 2017 (Professor Simon Hackett )

St Aidan's College

Principal: Dr Susan Frenk

Grey College

Master: Professor Tom Allen

Van Mildert College

Principal: Dr Victoria Brown Acting until April 2017 (Professor David Harper)

Trevelyan College

Principal: Dr Ian Latham Acting until April 2017 (Professor Martyn Evans)

Collingwood College

Principal: Professor Joe Elliott

College of St Hild and St Bede

Principal: Professor Jan Clarke

St Chad's College

Principal: Dr Margaret Masson

St John's College

Principal: The Rev Dr David Wilkinson

St Cuthbert's Society

Principal: Professor Elizabeth Archibald

Ustinov College

Principal: Professor Glenn McGregor

George Stephenson College

Principal: Professor John Ashworth

John Snow College

Principal: Professor Carolyn Summerbell

Josephine Butler College

Principal: Professor Adrian Simpson

Heads of Departments (Chair of Boards of Studies)


Dr Stephen Lyon

Applied Social Sciences

Professor Linda McKie


Professor Robin Skeates


Professor Keith Lindsey


Professor Susan Hart


Professor Mark R Wilson

Classics & Ancient History

Professor Barbara Graziosi

Earth Sciences

Professor Colin Macpherson


Professor Carl Bagley

Engineering and Computing Sciences (Department in the process of separating)

Professor Jon Trevelyan

English Studies

Professor Simon James


Professor Michael Crang

Government and International Affairs

Professor Emma Murphy


Professor Jo Fox


Professor Thom Brooks

Mathematical Sciences

Professor Anne Taormina

School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health

Dr Simon Forrest

Modern Languages and Cultures

Professor Janet Stewart


Professor Jeremy Dibble


Dr Sophie Gibb


Professor Simon Morris


Professor Madeline Eacott

Theology and Religion

Professor Lewis Ayres

The Librarian:

Mr Jon Purcell

The Director of University Information Technology:

Mr Paul Featherstone (Chief Information Officer)

Appointed Members

The President of Durham Students' Union:

Miss Alice Dee

Two further student representatives: (one of whom shall be a current Postgraduate student, appointed by the Durham Students' Union)

Miss Lisa Whiting (UG) and Miss Hannah Britt (PG)

Members appointed by the Academic Electoral Assembly:

Professor Catherine Alexander (2019) (13)

Professor Louise Amoore (2019) (13)

Dr Claudio Balocco (2019) (16)

Professor Gillian Bentley (2017) (14)

Dr Jens Funke (2017)(16)

Dr Gleider Hernandez (2017) (14)

Dr Andrew Gallant (2018) (15)

Professor John Girkin (2018) (15)

Dr Alan Kenwright (2017) (14)

Dr Sarah Price (2018) (15)

Dr Thomas Renstrom (2017) (08)

Professor Kay Schiller (2018) (15)
Professor Jo Setchell (2019) (16)

Dr Peter Swift (2019) (13)

Dr Marek Szablewski (2017) (04)

Dr Jill Tidmarsh (2019) (16)

Ms Laura Todd (2018) (11)

No more than six co-opted members: (memberships to be confirmed)

The Director of the English Language Centre

Mr Steve Kirk (2018)(16)

Acting Dean of Equality and Diversity

Dr Claire Sutherland (2018)(16)

The Director of the Foundation Centre

Dr Catherine Marshall (2018)(08)

Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Study

Professor Veronica Strang (2018)(12)

Dean for Internationalisation

Professor Daniel Donoghue (2018)(14)

Chair of the Senate Agenda Setting Committee

Professor Stephen Taylor (2018)(16)

Secretary: University Secretary: Ms Jennifer Sewel