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University Calendar

Code of Practice for the Display of Promotional Material within the University

1. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and its associated Code of Practice for Litter placed a duty on the University with effect from 1 April 1991 to ensure that any property open to the air is kept free of litter. If the University fails in this duty, any individual can take court action which may lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

2. This Code of Practice addresses one particular source of litter, namely promotional material for student events, productions, services and elections, where the source of the material is clearly identifiable by virtue of the printed matter on the material.

3. The University acknowledges that promotional material of this matter is a traditional and essential part of student life but, because of the new duties placed upon it by the Act, now has to ensure that such material is distributed, displayed, and disposed of in such a way that it does not produce a source of litter within the University which has to be cleared by the University or which may lead to court action.

4. The display of such material on University premises is limited to the following locations:-

(a) noticeboards within Colleges approved by the Head of College;

(b) noticeboards within Departments approved by the Head of Department;

(c) noticeboards within other central facilities, including:

- Elvet Riverside (approved by the House Committee)

- the Library (approved by the Librarian)

- the Information Technology Service (approved by the Chief Information Officer)

- the University Office (approved by the Chief Operating Officer (Registrar))

- the Assembly Rooms (approved by the Director of Estates and Buildings)

- the Graham Sports Centre (approved by the Director of Sport)

- locations within Dunelm House (approved by Durham Students' Union)

- the Queen's Campus, Stockton (approved by the Operations Director).

5. Under no circumstances is promotional material to be attached in any way to:

- external walls

- paths, pavements and roadways

- fences, gates or handrails

- lamp standards

- trees or plants

- external doors (see also 6 below).

6. For reasons of fire safety and health and safety, no material is to be displayed on any glazed door, on any fire door, obstructing any fire alarm, notice, or equipment, or to any light fitting or other electrical equipment.

7. Where material is displayed in approved areas:-

- it is recommended that material should not normally be displayed more than five days earlier than the event to which it relates. This need not apply strictly to major events operating an advance booking office system; and

- it is required that all material is removed no later than two days after the event to which it relates, and disposed of in a proper manner. (In this context it should be noted that the University has a "ClearBag" scheme for recycling clean and used paper.)

8. Distributors of leaflets and handbills will be held responsible for clearing any which subsequently become litter or for meeting the cost of clearing any such litter.

9. The University has a "Clear Bag" arrangement for recycling clean printed paper, and organisers of events should be encouraged to recycle posters and similar material: sacks for this purpose can be collected from the Caretaker's Office at either the University Office or the Science Laboratories.

10. When booking a venue for an event in University or College facilities or when arranging an event or election under the auspices of Durham Students' Union, Team Durham, DUS, a JCR or other student bodies, individuals will be required to sign an agreement to the effect that:

(a) They have read this Code of Practice and agree to observe it;

(b) They, on behalf of all students involved with publicity for the event, undertake to display material only in the approved manner and to subsequently clear it away as detailed above; and

(c) If they fail to comply with this Code of Practice, or if any of their promotional material has to subsequently be cleared as litter, they personally will be required to meet the cost of the University arranging to clear their material which has become litter, or to pay a fine of not more than £50 (or other such figure as Council may from time to time approve).

11. Responsibility for ensuring compliance with this Code of Practice will lie with the Head of College within the grounds of a College, and with the Director of Estates and Buildings for all other University property.