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Academic Progress: A Code of Good Practice

The following Code of Good Practice is intended to assist students and staff in matters of academic progress.


(a) If a student engaged in full or part-time study (excluding those registered on a Continuation Fee basis) is absent from courses of instruction, or fails to meet his/her academic commitments(defined in accordance with General Regulation V), the staff concerned should seek to contact the student as soon as they consider appropriate. A departmental warning may avoid the necessity to issue an Academic Progress Notice under General Regulation V.

(b) If there is concern about any aspect of a student's attendance or work, the Departments and College concerned should keep each other informed of action required or taken.

(c) Careful records must be kept of all communications with students arising from concern about their academic progress. Copies of formal communications must be sent to the relevant College.

(d) A request to issue an Academic Progress Notice under General Regulation V should be made when a student's performance does not improve after a departmental warning.


(a) At the start of a programme, and at the start of each new level of a programme,Departments should inform students of theextent to which examination performance,course work, subsidiary subjects and other academic requirements will be taken into account when students' results are being assessed and/or degrees are awarded.

(b) Departments should explain their system of marking and correcting course and class work, and should indicate any differences between the marking of tutorial work and of examinations.

(c) Students should be issued with guidelines on the writing of course work (eg to avoid charges of plagiarism).

(d) Departments should explain to students the requirements for demonstrating academic progress in relation to their particular programme and modules. Reference should be made to the records that are kept of a student's attendance and work.

(e) Students should be told to report special factors and circumstances affecting their academic performance to members of staff in the Department concerned.


Every Department should inform students of the procedures that will be used by its Board of Examiners. This information should include:

(a) the contribution of each piece of assessed work to the outcome of each module, and their degree programme as a whole.

(b) the regulations that will be applied by the Board of Examiners in making decisions about progression within a programme of study; whether to make an award; and the classification of award to be made.


Refer to General Regulation VII Academic Appeals.