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University Calendar

Board of Studies in Biosciences

Ex officio Members

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Head of the Faculty of Science)
A Deputy Head of the Faculty of Science
Professor of Biomedical Sciences - Professor R A Quinlan
Professor of Infectious Diseases - Professor A R Walmsley
Professor of Plant Molecular Biology - Professor K Lindsey (Chair)
Professor of Plant Molecular Cell Biology - Professor P J Hussey (Current Pro-Vice Chancellor (Science))

Professor J A Gatehouse (DirUGSt, ChEC and Deputy Head of School)
Professor A R Hoelzel (DirPgSt)
Professor B Huntley
Professor C A B Jahoda
Professor M R Knight (Deputy Head of School)
Professor S Lindsay
Professor S A Przyborski
Professor N Robinson (CHResC Deputy Head of School)
Professor A Sadanandom

Dr R Baxter
Dr J H Bothwell
Dr M J Cann
Dr E Pohl
Dr S G Willis

Senior Lecturers
Dr A Benham
Dr R Bashir
Dr P Chazot
Dr P Chivers (Secretary)
Dr T Fawcett
Dr M W Goldberg
Dr N Hole
Dr I Karakesisoglou
Dr M C Lucas
Dr A T Määttä (ChS/SCC)
Dr S Pyner
Dr G J Sharples
Dr P A Stephens
Dr S D Twiss
Dr D Weinkove

Dr C A Ambler
Dr T Blower
Dr R Clark
Dr W Dawson
Dr Sushma Grellscheid
Dr P N Hunt
Dr Heather Knight
Dr J Liu
Dr A J O’Sullivan
Dr M Schroeder

Appointed Members

Dr A Brennan (2019)
Dr GCampling (2018)
Dr S Chivasa (2019)
Dr P Denny (2017)
Dr D Dryden (2019)
Dr P Etchells (2018)
Dr E Fitches (2018)
Dr T Hawkins (2019)
Dr R Holmes (2019)
Dr C Lauren-Määttä (2018)
Dr M de Lucas (2018)
Dr M Roger (2019)
Mr J Summerill (2018)
Dr J Topping (2017)
Miss A Voskamp (2018)
Dr A Welch (2018)
Dr S Wilbourn (2019)
Dr P Yeo (2017)
All part-time academic staff

Student Members of Staff/Student Consultative Committee

A Voskamp (Postgraduate)
Vacant (Postdoctoral)
Vacant (Undergraduate)

(DirPgSt) Director of Postgraduate Studies
(DirUgSt) Director of Undergraduate Studies
(ChResC) Chair of Research Committee
(ChEC) Chair of Education Committee
(ChS/SCC) Chair of Staff/Student Consultative Committee