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Benchmarking Project (UniForum Collection) 2017

Help and Guidance

Activity Framework

Cubane has produced an ‘Activity Framework’ which documents all of the activity codes that are being used in the 2017 collection. This also provides examples of what is included, and excluded, from each code. It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with this document before you attempt to start coding. A copy of the framework will be circulated to all staff identified as ‘survey respondents’ as soon as the collection is ‘live’. If you require an additional copy please contact us at

The attached document provides a summary of the changes to the activity framework since the University took part in the collection in 2015.

Summary of coding changes

Further Support

Should you have any further questions or require assistance please get in touch with the Project Team.

  • Dave Hunt 0191 3446879
  • John Sowerby 0191 3446978

UniForum Collection - Durham launch event

Durham 2017 launch event

Durham 2017 launch event

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How to complete ‘Direct Report’ and ‘Relative Management Level’ information

170711 1 UFAST reporting relationships

170711 1 UFAST reporting relationships

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How to code

170712 1 UFAST time allocations

170712 1 UFAST time allocations

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