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Durham University

Unconventional Hydrocarbons


Department of Earth Sciences:


  • Rock crushing equipment
  • Rock mechanics lab
  • Thin section workshop


  • TGA                                                                     (Thermogravimetric Analysis - Pyrolysis technique)
  • High pressure flow equipment
  • Bomb Calorimetry                                              (Measures heat in thermal reactions)


  • Remote sensing
  • 3D seismic analysis
  • Seismic processing, interpretation, and modelling
Department of Chemistry:
  • TGA-MS                                                              (Thermogravimetric Analysis coupled with Mass Spectrometry - Pyrolysis technique, measure gases released)
  • XRD                                                                     (X-ray Diffraction - Mineral compositional analysis)
  • BET                                                                     (Pore size distribution, surface area, adsorption analysis)
  • He pycnometry                                                   (Density and volume measurements)
  • Hg porosimetry                                                   (Pore size [relative to Hg])
  • FTICR                                                                  (Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry - Mass analyser)
Faculty of Science Support:

Leon Bowen - Shale Microscopy Techniques

  • SEM                                                                    (Scanning Electron Microscope - micro scale imaging)
  • FIB                                                                      (Focused Ion Beam - micro-cutting device)
  • 3D Amira software                                             (3D pore reconstructions)
  • TEM                                                                   (Transmission Electron Microscope)