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European Shale Gas: Risk, Regulation and Research Challenges

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Durham Energy Institute, CeREES & IGEM Conference, Durham University, March 27th- 29th 2012

Shale gas has been a game-changer in the USA, but has yet to be exploited commercially in Europe.  Recent discoveries of 'vast reserves' in the UK, however, coupled with claims of aquifer pollution and induced earthquakes, have made shale gas big news, and with big news come big challenges.  From the geological distribution and exploration, to the technical issues of exploitation and regulation, these challenges require an integrated approach that unites all interested parties.  Organized by DEI, IGEM, and CeREES, this international, interdisciplinary meeting will bring together policy makers, scientists, engineers and stakeholders.  It has the twin aims of informing new codes of practice for UK shale gas exploitation, and of building UK and European research capacity in shale gas and other unconventionals.  With invited presentations from recognized experts in all areas of the field, coupled with workshops and plenary discussions, it represents a unique opportunity to inform the future directions of shale gas exploitation, regulation and research in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Book for the event here: http://www.dur.ac.uk/conference.booking/details/?id=116

Confirmed speakers include:

Claire Curtis-Thomas (Chief Executive Officer, IGEM)

Tony Grayling (Head of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Environment Agency)

Professor Andy Aplin (Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research, Newcastle University)

Dr Iain Scotchman (Senior staff geologist, Statoil UK)

Professor Richard Selley (Imperial College)

Professor Quentin Fisher (University of Leeds)

Dr Simon Mathias (Durham University)

Nick Grealy (Principal and publisher, No Hot Air)

John Baldwin (Managing director, CNG Services)

Graham Dean (Managing director, Reach CSG)

Professor Jon Trevelyan (Durham University)

Professor Roger Crouch (Durham University)

Toni Harvey (Senior geoscientist, DECC)

Dr Stanislaw Mazur (Institute of Geological Sciences - Polish Academy of Sciences)

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