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Training Course Booking System

Research Office

13 courses found

The time given for a course is the time of the first session. Some courses have more than one session, and you will generally be required to attend all sessions. Please check this on the course details page before booking on the course.

Course providerCourse codeCourse nameCourse timeDetails
Research OfficeRO25Leading Research Programme. Module 7 - Introduction to Employment Law (Core)10 February 2016 13:00Details for RO25 on 10 Feb 16
Research OfficeRO26Leading Research Programme. Module 8 - Equality & Diversity (Core)10 February 2016 15:00Details for RO26 on 10 Feb 16
Research OfficeRO27Leading Research Programme. Module 9 - Introduction to Contracts and IP (Optional)24 February 2016 13:00Details for RO27 on 24 Feb 16
Research OfficeRO28Leading Research Programme. Module 10 - Health & Safety: Principles & Wellbeing (Optional)24 February 2016 15:15Details for RO28 on 24 Feb 16
Research OfficeRO29Leading Research Programme. Module 11 - Impact of Research (Optional)2 March 2016 13:00Details for RO29 on 2 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO30Leading Research Programme. Module 12 - How to Raise your Research Profile (Optional)2 March 2016 15:00Details for RO30 on 2 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO39Leading Research Programme. Module 13 - Unconscious Bias (Optional)9 March 2016 13:00Details for RO39 on 9 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO40Leading Research Programme. Module 14 - Project Management (Optional)9 March 2016 15:00Details for RO40 on 9 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO41Leading Research Programme. Module 5b - Establishing Resources: Equipment (Optional)16 March 2016 09:30Details for RO41 on 16 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO32Leading Research Programme. Module 16 - Open Access & Data Management: DRO, REF2020 and meeting funder requirements (Optional)16 March 2016 10:30Details for RO32 on 16 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO31Leading Research Programme. Module 15 - Bibliometrics and Altmetrics (Optional)16 March 2016 12:45Details for RO31 on 16 Mar 16
Research OfficeRO37Leading Research Programme. Module 17 - Managing your Research Project (Core)25 April 2016 09:00Details for RO37 on 25 Apr 16
Research OfficeRO38Leading Research Programme. Module 18 - Strategy for Research (Core)26 April 2016 09:00Details for RO38 on 26 Apr 16