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Training Course Booking System

CARD - Researcher Development

7 courses found

The time given for a course is the time of the first session. Some courses have more than one session, and you will generally be required to attend all sessions. Please check this on the course details page before booking on the course.

Course providerCourse codeCourse nameCourse timeDetails
Researcher Development (CARD)GD578Working lunch - Commercial Awareness in the Context of Data Science29 May 2015 12:00Details for GD578 on 29 May 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD157Poster Production and Presentation - An Introduction2 June 2015 14:00Details for GD157 on 2 Jun 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD581Working lunch with Postdoctoral Researchers from the Faculty of Arts & Humanities3 June 2015 12:00Details for GD581 on 3 Jun 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD342The Key Skills Award for Postgraduate Researchers: Workshop 24 June 2015 12:00Details for GD342 on 4 Jun 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD582Spectacular Information and Visualising Data9 June 2015 10:00Details for GD582 on 9 Jun 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD402Publish or perish: an introduction to publishing and reviewing journal articles9 June 2015 12:00Details for GD402 on 9 Jun 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD583Apply design thinking to your research: ideation, problem & solution9 June 2015 14:00Details for GD583 on 9 Jun 15