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Training Course Booking System

CARD - Researcher Development

20 courses found

The time given for a course is the time of the first session. Some courses have more than one session, and you will generally be required to attend all sessions. Please check this on the course details page before booking on the course.

Course providerCourse codeCourse nameCourse timeDetails
Researcher Development (CARD)GD157Poster Production and Presentation - An Introduction3 December 2015 14:00Details for GD157 on 3 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD526Research Data Management3 December 2015 14:00Details for GD526 on 3 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD596Breaking cultural barriers and maximising performance8 December 2015 10:00Details for GD596 on 8 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD621Lunch for postdocs8 December 2015 12:30Details for GD621 on 8 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD606Using social media to support your career research, job seeking and professional network8 December 2015 15:00Details for GD606 on 8 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD558Finding and Managing Information (Zotero)9 December 2015 09:30Details for GD558 on 9 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD542The Basis of Thesis Writing in Social Sciences9 December 2015 14:00Details for GD542 on 9 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD622Publishing Your Research:Open Access10 December 2015 14:30Details for GD622 on 10 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD630focus group about training provision11 December 2015 12:00Details for GD630 on 11 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD587Keeping up to Date with Emerging Research11 December 2015 14:00Details for GD587 on 11 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD607Alternatives to an academic career15 December 2015 12:00Details for GD607 on 15 Dec 15
Researcher Development (CARD)GD628Information session about CARD conference grants19 January 2016 10:30Details for GD628 on 19 Jan 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD475Induction for Postgraduate Researchers25 January 2016 09:00Details for GD475 on 25 Jan 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD626Organising and Delivering Conferences for Postdoctoral Researchers27 January 2016 14:00Details for GD626 on 27 Jan 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD575Language awareness course 1 February 2016 10:00Details for GD575 on 1 Feb 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD556Issues and Challenges in Participatory and Action Research - Sharing Experiences4 February 2016 13:00Details for GD556 on 4 Feb 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD533Communicating Your Research to the Public17 February 2016 10:00Details for GD533 on 17 Feb 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD193Making an application for an academic fellowship17 February 2016 14:00Details for GD193 on 17 Feb 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD585Introduction to Project Management22 February 2016 14:00Details for GD585 on 22 Feb 16
Researcher Development (CARD)GD627Advanced Poster Presentation24 February 2016 14:00Details for GD627 on 24 Feb 16