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Durham University


Tackling global issues


"Study at Durham University to become part of a group of people who do outstanding things. What we do has global impact."

Explore some examples of our research tackling global issues:

Making water more sustainable

Water is a precious and vital resource that is under threat from climate change and growing demands. To help, Durham’s researchers are working with government, businesses and communities to ensure society’s water use remains sustainable for years to come.

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Sniffer dogs to detect malaria

New research has found that dogs, like Freya in the picture, could be trained to sniff out malaria in people and help to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Sniffer dogs could potentially be deployed at ports of entry to identify passengers carrying malaria to prevent the spread of the disease across borders and to ensure people receive timely antimalarial treatment.

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Learning from the best

"Learning from research-active academics has been a more essential part of my degree studies than I initially imagined. Learning from academics who are experts in the field you are studying is a privilege that gives you an in-depth insight into the most intricate legal issues that you would not get elsewhere. It also ensures you are always up-to-date with developments in your preferred area."

Lauren Slone, Law student


It’s time to talk about heat

If we told you there was a low-carbon way to meet the world’s energy demand, address climate change and rebalance energy politics, would you believe us? Well it’s true.
Durham Energy Institute is on a mission to show politicians, industry and the public just how important heat is and how the UK could become a world leader in effectively ‘decarbonising’ heat.

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The future of oil spill clean ups

Oil spills happen frequently ranging from large ones like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster to smaller ones on industrial sites. All have a damaging impact on the environment and wildlife. Our surface scientists have now developed a coated mesh which could be a faster and more eco-friendly way to clean up oil.

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Training the next generation of global problem solvers

Tropical diseases, water and food security, and flooding are some of the issues being tackled by our new training centre dedicated to global challenges. Working with our experts across 15 departments in the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities, 26 students from 17 countries students will work to solve global problems.

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