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Durham University


Fee status process

As a publicly funded university, Durham University charges variable tuition fees in accordance with the regulations for Higher Education Institutions in England as set out by the UK government. The University has a legal obligation to ensure that any student eligible for home fees is charged at the correct rate.

All fee status assessments for applicants to and students within the University are assessed by the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office, using the regulations, associated case law and guidance from the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

Process for undergraduate and PGCE (UTT) applications

For most applications, an initial fee status assessment is made automatically, based on the information provided in the application. A subset of the applications are examined manually by trained fee assessors within the Student Recruitment and Admissions Office.

Once the initial assessment has been made, the application is then considered by the academic selector for the programme.

In a small number of cases, an applicant might be requested to complete our “Home Fees Verification Form”. These are cases where the fee assessor suspects that the applicant could be eligible for Home fees, but where there is insufficient evidence on the application to determine this. If the evidence supplied is insufficient to determine Home fees, or if the applicant fails to supply the evidence by the specified deadline, then the applicant’s fee status will be assumed to be Overseas and the student would be liable for the international tuition fee rate. Whilst this is under consideration, the academic selector will still be able to make an academic decision on the application.

Fee Status Appeals

Should an applicant or student wish to appeal the fee status assessment, they should write to and provide a reason for why they believe their fee status is incorrect. A fee assessor will consider this, and if the applicant or student has a case for an appeal, an email containing a link to the fee status enquiry form will be sent to the applicant or student to complete by a specified deadline.

Changes to fee status mid-programme

Within the fee regulations there are specific circumstances where an applicant can become eligible for Home fees part way through their programme. Students should email and provide a reason for why they believe their fee status should change. If appropriate, a fee assessor will email a link containing the fee status enquiry form to the student to be completed by a specified deadline.


Should a student already enrolled with the University provide new information that they could otherwise have provided at an earlier date in the admissions process which would entitle them to Home/EU fee status, the University would apply any such change to the next full academic year of study. The remainder of the year would be charged at the international rate.

Data Protection

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, communication regarding fee status assessment by the University will, by default, be only possible with the applicant or student directly. Should an applicant or student wish to nominate a third party (e.g. parent, teacher or agent) to discuss this on their behalf, they should fill out our enquiry form and should provide the name, telephone number, email address for the third party to which they are giving permission and the applicant’s relationship to this person. Applicants should also state what they are nominating access for (i.e. in this instance their fee status assessment). An opportunity to nominate a third party will also be provided on the Home Fees Verification and Fee Status Enquiry forms.


Any complaints regarding the fee status process should follow our standard admissions complaints procedure.

More information

More information about the fee regulations can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs website: