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Appeals and Re-marks

If your results did not meet the conditions of your offer, and you are planning to appeal, the following information will help guide you through the process.

If you successfully meet the conditions of your Durham offer after appeal or CAGs then we will ensure you a place on your course. We will do our very best to enrol you in 2020. If that is not possible, then you will have a guaranteed place for entry in 2021.

We have published further information on how we will be handling CAGs and appeals and considering applicants taking Autumn 2020 examinations here.

If you wish to appeal your grade

If you wish to appeal your A Level results, you will need to do this through your school or college as soon as possible. If you are an independent applicant then you should contact the relevant awarding body, who will identify an accredited centre through which you may submit your appeal.

You do not need to contact us to tell us you are submitting an appeal for any qualification. We only need to know if your appeal is successful and if your grades change and improve.

Notifying Durham of the results

We have been informed that UCAS will provide us with updates to A Level, SQA and IB results, including Centre-Assessed Grades. For applicants taking other qualifications, it is your responsibility to provide us with documentary evidence of your updated results. We can only accept official notifications of your grade changes; we are unable to accept centre-assessed grades (CAGs), mock results, or AS results unless they are officially from your examination board. Official notification of your results may be uploaded here.

What will a successful regrade mean for my place at Durham?

Please see our update here.

Sitting Examinations

If you wish to sit your exams in the Autumn of 2020 the results will be announced too late for us to consider you for 2020 entry based on those results. We would however very much welcome an application from you in the 2021 entry cycle. Your application will be considered afresh and your grades awarded this summer will have no impact on the outcome of your application.

So if you feel your grades do not truly reflect your ability and potential, please don’t worry, we base our decision on your qualifications achieved before summer 2020 and on any predictions or grades achieved in your Autumn 2020 examinations.

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