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Durham University


Mitigating circumstances

If you have experienced mitigating circumstances which have affected your studies you should report this to the relevant examination board. We are unable to take account of mitigating circumstances when making a decision on your application where these could have been reported to the examination boards, but if reporting these to the examination boards has been impossible you can choose to inform us about your circumstances using the Mitigating Circumstances Form. The deadline for completing the form and returning it to us is 12pm on Wednesday 5th August 2020. If you wish to use this form you should:

  • Specify which parts of your studies were affected
  • Specify why it has not been possible to report the mitigating circumstances to the relevant examination boards or why the examination boards were unable to take account of their mitigating circumstances
  • Include evidence, including medical evidence where applicable.

Submitting mitigating circumstances does not guarantee that the University will accept you if you do not meet the conditions of your offer. Academic achievement and the ability to successfully complete the programme of study are always the primary considerations when deciding whether we are able to accept you if you do not meet the exact conditions of your offer.

Continued support while you study

If your mitigating circumstances are a result of a long-term health issue or disability, the University offers support and guidance to students and applicants through the Durham University Disability Support Service.