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On-Campus Activity and Events

Due to the pandemic and ongoing restrictions across campus, we are restricting the face-to-face employer events during the early part of 2022 to outdoor promotional events and cafe pop-ups only. We also have a variety of virtual options available. We hope to resume our full range of face-to-face activity alongside virtual events in autumn 2022.

Outdoor Promotional Events

Have you ever considered a different approach to your recruitment and brand awareness campaign? Employers are becoming ever more creative with their activities on campus, from promotional giveaways and interactive games, to temporary structures and vehicle displays. We would love to listen to your ideas and, depending on feasibility, help to facilitate these on campus. Promotional events certainly seem to grab the attention and imagination of our students, so might just be the concept you are looking for to reach your audience here at Durham.

Best for:

  • Raising your brand profile across large numbers of students in a high footfall location
  • Engaging informally with students in a fun and interactive way
  • Organisations with a budget for more eye-catching and wide-reaching events. Promo events are chargeable events, for further details see our Promotional Event Fees
  • Previous promo events have included: Coffee giveaways, seesaws, waffle carts, popcorn cart, interactive games, lockers, chocolate fondue, VR headsets, large Connect 4, double-decker buses and many more

To book your promotional event at Durham University, please complete the Promotional Event Booking Form.

Café Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are usually held in one of our busy on-campus cafés. You will be provided with a table and surrounding space to display a pull-up stand and a selection of branded materials. This is a great way to chat informally with students and to engage with those who may not have previously considered your organisation. You'll benefit from the busy café trade over the lunchtime period and can be flexible with your timings.

There is no charge for most café pop-up events.

Best for:

  • Those who have never previously held a recruitment event on campus - this is a great introduction to your brand
  • Organisations who wish to raise their brand profile amongst students but who don't have the budget for a large-scale promo event
  • Chatting informally with students who may not have previously encountered your organisation

Active Recruitment

A variety of lecture theatre or meeting room space is available for employers to carry out active recruitment activity, whether it is for formal interviews, aptitude tests or assessment centres.

Whatever your recruitment needs, we will offer you bespoke support including an appropriate venue and advertising.

There is no administration or advertising fee to hold an active recruitment session at Durham University.

Best for:

  • Employers outside of the local area who wish to offer Durham University students a convenient and practical location for recruitment activities
  • Carrying out formal assessments & interviews within an appropriate and confidential space

Career Fairs

Prior to 2020, we held three on-campus career fairs during the autumn term:

The Careers & Internship Fair is a cross-sector event featuring up to 70 graduate recruiters from a broad range of sectors. This is our largest single recruitment event of the academic year, attracting up to 2,000 students from a diverse range of degree subjects and across all years of study. This event is a great opportunity to meet a large number of students in one day, and raise awareness of your brand and opportunities among the Durham student community.

The STEM Fair is predominantly aimed at Science Faculty students and researchers, however, a significant number of students interested in STEM careers also attend from our other faculties. This is a great event for targeting students with a STEM background to share internship, placement and graduate job opportunities, and we would strongly encourage organisations with a focus on STEM recruitment to attend this event.

The Law Fair enables law firms and legal education providers to engage with the high number of Durham students interested in a Law career, both from our internationally rated Law School as well as across a broad range of other departments where a significant number of non-law students are interested in a legal career. This event is a great opportunity to showcase your vacation schemes, training contracts and legal courses.

For more information about career fairs, please contact


Company presentations are a great way to give an in-depth insight into your organisation and the opportunities available. You may wish to cover your graduate recruitment process, typical assessment day activities and the major attributes your company looks for, as well as highlight specific graduate or placement opportunities. These presentations can take place on-campus during the lunch period, or off-campus during the evening.

There is no administration or advertising fee to hold a presentation at Durham University.

Best for:

  • Providing detailed recruitment information to a captive audience
  • Companies that already have a strong brand profile amongst students

Drop-in and Specific Skill Sessions

Drop-in Sessions

Many organisations like to supplement their formal recruitment activities or promo events with informal drop-in sessions, which give students an opportunity to chat with employers on a 1:1 or small group basis. This is especially useful for those students who might find larger, more structured events difficult, and provides space for them to chat and ask questions in a relaxed environment. This could either be run with students dropping in at any time over a couple of hours, for example, or we can allocate specific time slots and run a sign-up.

A variety of meeting room space is available for this type of activity, and an on-site cafe serves a selection of refreshments throughout the day.

Specific Skills Sessions

Ever thought about running an event that gives students an insight into your particular organisation's application and recruitment processes? Specific skills sessions provide advice and guidance to students on the particular attributes your organisation looks for, what to look out for during the application process, and how to approach the interview. As the name suggests, these skills sessions are specific to your company, rather than being generic in nature.

Generic skills sessions such as CV workshops or video interviews are also highly sought after by our students. For further details please see below under 'Employability Skills Sessions'.

There is no administration or advertising fee to hold a drop-in event or specific skills session at Durham University.

Drop-in sessions best for:

  • Meeting individual or small groups of students on an informal basis
  • Providing tailored information and guidance in a confidential space
  • Organisations who wish to supplement their formal recruitment presentations by offering students an alternative way to engage and ask questions

Specific skills sessions best for:

  • Employers who wish to maximise their investment into their recruitment & selection processes by highlighting and developing the particular skills which are required during application
  • Those who wish to enhance the core competencies of their future workforce
  • Organisations who wish to complement their usual recruitment events with an alternative that can attract a more varied audience

Natalie Craig & Nikki Silcock (
Employer Events Coordinators, Careers & Enterprise

Employability Skills Sessions (Currently unavailable)

These sessions support students to reach graduation with the transferable skills employers require. They can also provide valuable insight for our students, hearing directly from employers about how to stand out from the crowd and make competitive applications.

The purpose of these sessions is not for recruitment, but rather an opportunity to increase your profile at the University, and to raise awareness of your sector with those who may not have considered it before.

Sessions are open to all students, from any department and specialism. We can promote your event to particular groups, but the attendance must remain open to all.

There is no charge to deliver skills workshops, and we will advertise the event, book a room, and take bookings for you.

For more information about our event services, please contact:

Christine Bohlander (
Employability Development Manager, Careers & Enterprise


Event and Fair Terms and Conditions can be found on our Booking Information page.