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Student Registry

Systems Development


Durham University utilises a number of different IT systems to manage the applicant and student applicant journey. There are systems for maintaining applicant and student records, timetabling teaching and examinations, reporting, and communications.

These systems are under constant review, with regular meetings to discuss potential changes and upgrades. Some changes may only affect a system in a minor way. Others may be high-level, such as the implementation of new software, or a major upgrade to an existing system.

Meeting Governance

A system development proposal is initially discussed at the Student Systems Weekly meeting, organised by the Academic Registry and Student Services. This is an open meeting at which the objectives, benefits and risks of a proposal are reviewed. If the meeting recommends a development proposal should proceed, it will be reviewed by the Academic Registrar for sign-off and prioritisation against other approved developments.

The larger scale developments are discussed and prioritised by the Student Systems Advisory Group. This group meets quarterly, and has a wider university representation than the Student Systems Weekly meeting; with representatives from Departments, Colleges, Students, and Professional Support Services. The Student Systems Advisory Group also keeps the Student Systems Roadmap under review.

Student Systems Roadmap

The Student Systems Roadmap displays the developments which are scheduled for delivery in the forthcoming years. The Roadmap focuses on the larger scale developments which are likely to affect users across multiple areas of the university.

The Roadmap is attached below, and displays the development plan up until 2018. It is a constantly evolving plan, with additions and revisions as potential developments are discussed in greater depth. As priorities change, so too will the roadmap, and developments listed for a particular date may need to be rescheduled. A guidance document provides more information about the individual developments.