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Student Registry

Student information

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Check your marks and anonymous examination codes.

    Teaching Timetable

    To view the current academic timetable, check for potential module clashes and book a room for a society or club, please go to the timetables page.

    Examinations and Assessment

    Information and numerous links relating to examinations, resits, appeals, medical or other problems affecting assessment and pass lists. Once published, examination Timetables will be available from the Examinations and Assessment pages.

    Council tax exemption

    If you are a full-time student at University you are entitled to exemption from paying Council Tax. We send a list of all registered students and their addresses to Durham County Council, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar and Cleveland Councils so your exemption should be automatic. However, if you do not live within one of these areas or the Council sends you an invoice, you can request the production of an Exemption Letter. This should be done by completing a Council Tax Exemption Form. For further information, please visit the Council Tax Exemption page.

    Transcripts, Parchments and Diploma Supplements

    A transcript is a record of your academic history from your time at Durham University. This will include details of the modules studied, the marks obtained and details of your classification.

    A parchment is a formal certificate of the qualification that you have achieved. Information about how you will receive your own transcript and parchment, and how to order additional copies can be found on theTranscripts and Parchments page.

    The Diploma Supplement contains information on the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that you undertook and successfully completed. In addition, it places the qualification in the context of the structure of the higher education system within which it was issued. This allows other universities or employers to understand your qualification in relation to the education system of the country you took your degree in.

    It is only available for students who left the University after December 2006 and must be ordered with a University Transcript. It cannot be provided as a separate document.

    The content of a history degree at one university is usually very different to a history degree at another university. The Diploma Supplement can highlight the specific details of your qualification, including its level, content and what it allows you to do. This could help you to get a job, continue your education or start more training.

    The Diploma Supplement is not a replacement for the parchment/transcript and does not guarantee recognition.


    Examination Dates

    Main Examination Period: Monday 13th May 2013 to Friday 31st May 2013 inclusive

    Resit Examination Period: Wednesday 14th August to Tuesday 27th August 2013 inclusive.

    Please note that resit examinations in Medicine and the Foundation Centre may take place at other times.

    All undergraduate students must keep these times free and consult the final copies of the examination timetables before making any other commitments.