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Durham University

Student Registry

After exams

Post exam celebrations

We understand you want to celebrate and congratulate friends after final exams, it is a great achievement and the culmination of a lot of hard work, however please consider other students who may still be working.
Students in written and oral examinations could be disturbed by celebrations outside exam venues. Making a noise or a mess around exam venues could lead to problems, not just for students still in exams, or revising, but also for staff and members of the local community.

- Arrange to meet friends away from the venue to congratulate them. Move away from exam centres to avoid disturbing others

- Be considerate of students who are still in exams, or still studying

- Consider the impact of making a mess - someone has to clean it up!

- If you do chose to drink alcohol, please do so sensibly. Student Safety Information.

- Remember that it is not permitted to consume alcohol in public in parts of the city that are subject to a designated public place order - the Police may take action
- Waste food and drink - Why not make a donation to a local foodbank instead?

- Celebrate with non-biodegradable materials, especially glitter, it causes a hazard and is a danger to birds and wildlife

- Obstruct access to venues or block pavements by crowding outside, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road

Respect for others

We want you to become the best you can be both academically and socially - support the Student Pledge and encourage good citzenship.

Irresponsible celebrations are disruptive, potentially dangerous and may result in disciplinary action