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Durham University

Student Finance

Student Financial Support for students who left Queen's Campus

1. Introduction

As part of the ongoing support for students who are leaving the Queen’s Campus to continue their studies at Durham City and Newcastle University the University has agreed that a financial support package will be made available to students who are facing financial hardship as a result of the transition.

2. 2019/20 Application Process

The 2019/20 application process is now closed.

3. 2020/21 Application Process

The 2020/21 application process will be unchanged. Applications will be accepted from Monday 5th October 2020.

Applications for 2020/21 received before this date will be rejected and a new application will be required once the official application form is available.

Eligible students will be emailed to inform them when the application process is available.

4. Financial support for transferees from Queens Campus to Newcastle University and Durham University

The University has agreed that special financial support for students will be made available to those who are suffering financial hardship in any of the three areas below:

  • Additional accommodation costs between Queen’s Campus and Durham/Newcastle
  • Additional travel expenses incurred by having to travel to new study locations
  • Childcare/other costs specific to individual circumstances

In order to be eligible for support students will come from families who have an income of below £62,220 per annum (the household income threshold at which means tested government maintenance loans are no longer provided by the Student Loans Company), and who are able to provide confirmation of their 2019/20 student loan entitlement together with appropriate evidence to support their request for financial support.

If your income has not been assessed by the Student Loans Company you will need to provide evidence of your household income in the form of documents such as:

  • 3 months' pay slips
  • Latest annual tax summary document
  • An employment contract
  • Self-employed accounts

[Your household income is that of your parent(s), in the household you were living in immediately prior to commencing studies. There are exceptions, which are a) if you are a postgraduate student, b) if you were aged 25, on the first day of the academic year support is being applied for, c) you have been married (even if now separated or divorced), d) you were financially self-supporting for at least three years prior to the commencement of your course, e) you have no living parents or that they cannot be traced/contacted. If any of these exceptions apply, then the household income is determined upon your personal income.]

5. Evidence required for transferee financial support

Accommodation Costs:

Students who relocate to Durham City or Newcastle will be required to provide evidence of their current and previous accommodation costs to identify their level of additional expenditure in this area. Students seeking financial support will also need to prove they have taken reasonable steps to seek alternative affordable accommodation in their new location. Having identified the average weekly accommodation costs for students in the Stockton area we will review the evidence provided and, on a case by case basis, will provide a payment equivalent to the average additional cost of accommodation in their new study location during term time (excluding the summer vacation period).

Travel Expenses:

School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health students who are unable to relocate to Newcastle will be eligible for financial support for travelling expenses based on appropriate transport links.

All other students, who are able to demonstrate that it is unreasonable for them to make use of the free transport between Stockton and Durham University, will be potentially eligible for support with their additional travel costs.


On a case by case basis, financial support may be forthcoming to students who are unable to relocate to either the Durham or Newcastle areas, but who incur additional costs associated with this. Each case will be reviewed individually and appropriate evidence will be required to support any claim based on the nature of the claim.

6. Process for making an application for transferee financial support

Financial support payments will be made to students on a termly basis, at the start of each academic term.

Students will be expected to submit evidence to support their claim through an electronic application form on DUO. This facility is now available to students you may be eligible to apply for support.

If your course is transferring from Queen's Campus and you cannot access this application form please email

Click here for a guide on how to complete this form

All requests for support will be processed by the Durham University Student Funding Office.

Payments will be made directly to student bank accounts on a termly basis to ensure that students continue to be registered on their programme of study and remain eligible for financial support.

Proposed payment dates

  • Week commencing 8th October 2020
  • Week commencing 14th January 2021
  • Week commencing 10th June 2021

7. Applying for hardship funding

Hardship Funds in both Durham and Newcastle Universities are separate from the special transferee funding outlined above and deal with normal student hardship situations. Specific transfer costs will not be met from these funds.

Students remaining at Durham University and identified as having a family income above £62,220 per annum will still be able to apply for financial support through the University’s standard Financial Hardship process, if their applications meet’s eligibility criteria. Details of hardship funding can be found here:

All students transferring to Newcastle University who experience financial difficulties are eligible to apply for financial support through Newcastle University’s Student Financial Support Fund. However, as this funding is administered on a discretionary basis there is no guarantee that an application will be successful nor will funds be made available to automatically reimburse students with the cost of relocating. More information can be found at:

8. Contact Information

Students who need further information in the first instance should contact their College Support Office.

John Snow College: 0191 334 0035
George Stephenson College: 0191 334 0560

Students transferring to Newcastle University can contact the University’s Student Financial Support Team by completing a web enquiry form: