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Durham University

Student Finance

Other Living Costs

As well as the cost of your accommodation you will have other living costs.

Everybody is different, but these are the most common other living costs:

  • utilities (gas, electric, water)
  • food and household shopping
  • toiletries
  • contents insurance
  • phone
  • travel
  • course costs
  • clothes
  • leisure (includes not only nights out and extra-curricular activities but also those costs that you don't always think of but which add up: music, gaming, Starbucks, grabbing lunch on the go, takeaways, Christmas and birthday presents...).

You might have other costs depending on your personal circumstances. Some of your costs will be essential costs, like rent, utilities, food, household shopping and toiletries, contents insurance and course costs. Some of your costs will be "luxury" costs like some of the leisure costs listed above. You should know what your essential costs are, and you should work out how much you can afford to spend on luxuries so that your expenditure isn't greater than your income.

Find out how to set up a budget and view some sample budgets here.

You might have to challenge some of your ideas as to what are essentials and what are luxuries. Find out more about distinguishing between "needs" and "wants" here.

How much does it cost to live as a student? The answer depends! Here are the results of some surveys.

NatWest Student Living Index 2016 (NB - no students from Durham were surveyed)

The Student Room Student Money Survey 2016