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Durham University

Student Finance

2021/22 Minimum Expenditure Figures

When we assess applications to the Student Support Fund we work out whether there is a shortfall between:

  • the money the applicant had available to them on the date on which they submitted their application


  • the income they will receive between the date on which they submitted their application form and the end of the academic year


  • the minimum level of expenditure for their personal circumstances.

The minimum level of expenditure for your personal circumstances is determined with reference to what we call "the minimum expenditure figures".

The minimum expenditure figures are based on the amount the Government has determined is enough for a home undergraduate student to live on (i.e. the Maintenance Loan).

2021/22 Minimum Expenditure Figures (provisional; subject to panel approval)

Expenditure Type Per Week
College Accommodation Full Cost
Private Rented Accommodation (Shared) £99.56
Private Rented Accommodation (Not Shared) £136.30

Privately Owned Accommodation (Mortgage/Life Insurance/Buildings Insurance)

Council Tax Full Cost
Contents Insurance £3.77
Utilities (Gas/Electric/Water) £6.84
Food and Household Shopping (per member of household) £41.48
Landline / Broadband / TV £2.38
Mobile £5.79
Travel £5.62
Leisure (per adult member of household) £31.04
Leisure (per child) £15.52
Clothing (per member of household) £2.74
Laundry (students in College) £7.96
Toiletries (per member of household) £2.74
Childcare (one child) £211.39
Childcare (two or more children) £362.43
Course Costs £4.10

These figures were originally based on the undergraduate Maintenance Loan. They are increased every year in the same way as the undergraduate Maintenance Loan (increased by 3.1% from the 2020/21 figures). That's why they are "random" amounts rather than being rounded to the nearest £5 or £10.

Higher expenditure figures and/or other costs may be supported depending on your personal circumstances.

If you receive an award from the Student Support Fund you will need to keep your expenditure at or below the minimum expenditure figures. If you do not you will run out of money!