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Durham University

Student Finance

Durham Grant Scheme for students who started their studies before 2019/20

This information is for home undergraduates only.

Eligibility and Grant Amounts

Home undergraduate students:

  • who started their studies at Durham University before 2019/20
  • who do not already hold an undergraduate degree
  • whose household income is less than £25,000

are entitled to a Durham Grant of £2,000 in 2021/22.

You get your Durham Grant as well as your government funding and you don't have to pay it back.

Durham Grant Scheme payments are changing!

Your Durham Grant will be be paid in three roughly equal instalments on the dates below:

Term Payment Date
Michaelmas Term Monday 1st November 2021
Epiphany Term Friday 21st January 2022
Easter Term Friday 6th May 2022

Your Durham Grant will be paid into your bank account even if you are living in College accommodation. We strongly recommend that you use your Durham Grant to pay your College accommodation.

You will not be paid unless you provide the University with your bank sort code and account number via DUO. We will send you an e-mail telling you how to do this.

You will only receive your termly payments if you are a fully registered student on certain dates each term. We call these "trigger dates".

Term Trigger Date Payment Date
Michaelmas Term Monday 18th October 2021 Monday 1st November 2021
Epiphany Term Monday 10th January 2022 Friday 21st January 2022
Easter Term Monday 25th April 2022 Friday 6th May 2022

You will stop being a fully registered student if you suspend your studies or if you withdraw from your studies.


You do not have to apply for your Durham Grant. As long as you have applied to Student Finance England (or equivalent) for your government funding and been assessed, and as long as you have consented to Student Finance England (or equivalent) passing your household income information to the University you should automatically be awarded a Durham Grant.

We will be awarding 2021/22 Durham Grants from mid-August 2021 to 24th June 2022, depending on when you get assessed by Student Finance England (or equivalent).

We do not award Durham Grants after the end of the academic year (24th June 2022) so if you are assessed by Student Finance England (or equivalent) after this date you will not be eligible for a Durham Grant.

We will start sending out notification e-mails to current students from mid-August 2021 and we will e-mail your Durham University e-mail address.

You can get a Durham Grant in every year of your studies, provided that your household income remains below £42,875 (your household income is reassessed by Student Finance England or equivalent every year).

Terms and Conditions

The information above is general and does not cover every aspect of the Durham Grant Scheme. Durham Grants will be awarded in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.



If you have any queries about the Durham Grant Scheme which cannot be answered by reading the Terms and Conditions contact the Durham Grant Scheme administrators on

We strongly advise you to read the Durham Grant Scheme Terms and Conditions carefully before the start of the academic year.