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Student Finance

Accommodation Costs

College Accommodation

Our 16 colleges offer excellent fully-catered, part-catered and self-catering options. As well as accommodation and food (in the catered colleges), the cost of college accommodation covers utilities (including a cleaning service) and a very wide range of facilities.

Further details of costs and facilities are available at www.durham.ac.uk/undergraduate/accommodation/costs.

Private Rented Accommodation

The majority of first-year students live in College accommodation. Many then move to private rented accommodation for their second year. Some students return to College for their second and/or final year(s) of study and some choose to remain 'living out'.

These pages are intended to provide you with information about the cost of living in College and about the cost of living in private rented accommodation, plus helpful advice on living as a student.

Remember that if you live in College the cost will cover three meals a day (if you're living in one of the catered Colleges), plus utilities and other services. If you're living in private rented accommodation you will have to pay for food and utilities yourself.

TIP: make sure you can afford your accommodation before signing a contract! Use the Save the Student Rent Calculator.

TIP: most landlords in Durham and Stockton-on-Tees charge rent for 52 weeks, usually starting 1 July. This means that you may be paying for private rented accommodation during the Long Vacation - remember to factor this into your budgeting.

TIP: you must check your contract before you sign it to avoid nasty surprises later! The Students' Union offers advice on contract checking.

TIP: whether you're living in College accommodation or private rented accommodation you'll need contents insurance in case your belongings get lost, damaged or stolen. Read the National Union of Students advice on contents insurance here.

TIP: if you are a full-time student you don't have to pay Council Tax, whether you live in College or in private rented accommodation. Find out more here.

Read the findings from the National Student Accommodation Survey 2018 here.