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Strategic Planning Office


Introduction to Risk Management

The purpose of managing risk is to make it more likely that the University will achieve its objectives. Risk management is an integral and everyday part of the management of the University, its departments, colleges and and professional services, and the projects and programmes run at all levels of the University.

Successful risk management, embedded throughout management practice, adds value not just in managing pre-defined objectives but in shaping strategy and in helping to define objectives. Risks are not thought of in isolation but are defined in terms of their potential effect on the achievement of objectives.

The Strategic Planning Office took over responsibility for risk management from Business Assurance in September 2012. The university's risk management policy framework has since been updated and forms the basis of the guidance on these web pages.

If you have any queries or would like guidance on managing risk please contact SPO via email or telephone 0191 3346884.


For information on the University's high level risks, see the Register of Key Strategic Risks.

This is a dynamic document and it is updated regularly as the status of risks changes.



Claire McDonald

Risk and Strategy Manager

0191 3346147

Tom Pullman

Strategic Planning Officer

0191 3346875