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 St Aidan's College

Welcome to St Aidan's College

St Aidan’s was designed by Sir Basil Spence, the renowned architect who was responsible for Coventry Cathedral, making us one of the most architecturally interesting Colleges. We're one of the larger colleges with approximately 1000 members, of whom about 750 are undergraduates. We pride ourselves on being friendly and unassuming, encouraging our students to develop themselves as fully as possible, as well as helping others. We are so privileged at St Aidan’s to have beautiful views over the ancient and majestic city of Durham. Situated at the top of Windmill Hill, the view of Durham Cathedral from our gardens is by far the best in the city and is a constant reminder of the history and tradition that we are part of.

College Events

St Aidan's SCR Presents: Speaker: Del LaGrace Volcano: Corpus Queer: Bodies of Resistance

18th March 2020, 19:00, Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan's College, Del LaGrace Volcano

“Queer bodies are vulgar bodies; plebeian bodies, street bodies,

bodies that don’t know the meaning of discipline,

bodies that reject the adage “one can never be too rich, too white or too thin”.

Queer bodies create the template for cultural disgust

and teach us what we must not want to be or to have.

What does the queer body do?

It performs abjection with the kind of power only those who are despised can acquire.

It shows us how to love all that we are taught to hate.

Through this act of repudiation, this act of affirmation,

the queer body screams!

Look at me and love me . . .

if you dare.”

Del LaGrace Volcano is a gender variant visual artist and activist, originally from California , they lived 25 years in London and now reside in middle Sweden. Volcano formally trained as a photographer and their work includes photography, installation, spoken word, film and video. Produced over the course of 4 decades this work seeks to interrogate not only the performance of gender but to also expose and explore our acquiescence to other norms, from white norms to beauty norms, from the mythologies of the able body to the primacy of identity itself in contemporary queer discourse.

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