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St Aidan's College

 St Aidan's College

Congratulations to all Durham University Offer Holders who have been allocated to St Aidan’s College.

We would have loved to welcome you to our Post Offer Visit Days in March. Unfortunately, we were unable to run them due to COVID-19. Instead, we have produced this site to offer you a virtual visit.

Dr Susan Frenk, Principal

Welcome to St Aidan's College

Welcome to St Aidan’s, the ‘Rainbow College’. Join our community to engage with the world. From the creative arts to community engagement projects, peer mentoring and Pathways to Enterprise, our energy, enthusiasm and warmth encourage everyone to flourish.   

A modern College, we evolve as we explore new possibilities with our local and international partners. You can develop your talents, or discover new ones, in a caring and supportive environment. Our creative writing course is unique, our intercultural and interfaith exchanges are thriving, and our College spaces can host anything from meditation groups to ‘Live Lounge’ and ‘Open mic’ evenings. With the emphasis on participation, we have a great tradition of both informal and committed activity: from mixed frisbee to women’s rugby; yoga and meditation to tango, salsa and classical Indian dance. 

We are proud co-founders and hosts of Durham Pride and Durham City of Sanctuary, and of two research centres with community impact and growing global relationships at their heart. Through celebrations like Chinese New Year and international film nights, our Banipal Middle Eastern Writer in Residence Fellowship and JSoc’s Shabbat celebrations, we work towards active citizenship to challenge a fractured world.

Situated at the top of Windmill Hill, if you take a moment of calm near our haunting sculpture by Fenwick Lawson, the view of Durham Cathedral and the dramatic landscape of the city will always inspire you. In the same way, our modernity embraces sensitivity and respect for the other living histories and struggles of this complex region, where natural beauty and industrial resilience coexist.

We hope you enjoy finding out about life here at Aidan’s by exploring the content and videos below.

Alex Longman, JRC President

Welcome from our JCR President

"Hello! Congratulations on getting an offer from Durham, and more importantly St Aidan’s, without a doubt the best college at Durham! I’m Alex Longman and I am the current Junior Common Room (JCR) President for 2019/20. I was elected by the student body of Aidan’s to represent and lead the JCR this year.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to welcome you all to Aidan’s in March, but hopefully the information we’ve put together for you here will go some of the way to showing you why any current or former Aidanite will tell you how Aidan’s really does become your home away from home! At St Aidan’s we pride ourselves on creating an open, inclusive, diverse and welcoming atmosphere in everything we do, from all our sports teams, societies and committees, right the way through to our college shop and bar. Durham University will give you a degree, but St Aidan’s will give you so much more, and the people you meet through engaging in any aspect of college life will really shape your Durham experience!

I hope the information we’ve put together helps you understand how much Aidan’s has to offer, and remember to check out our JCR website too ( As JCR President I’m here to help with anything and everything, so if you have any questions, big or small, about coming to Durham and St Aidan’s, then don’t hesitate to drop me an email at

Good luck with any work you have left, have a safe and enjoyable summer, and hopefully we’ll see you at Aidan’s soon!"

Our community is important to us, but don't just take our word for it, check out what our students think of Aidan's!


Any questions?

If you have any queries about joining St Aidan’s email us via

If you have any questions about the admissions process, you will receive an answer quickest if you head to

Electoral Registration

11th November 2019, 12:00 to 14:00, St Aidan's College

Electoral services will be in College 12-2pm, Monday 11th November and will be very happy to help students to register to vote.

Alternatively, you can register online.

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming election is 26th November.

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