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Durham University

South College

Common Rooms

Common Rooms represent the students and staff of all Durham colleges. At South we have designed ours to deliver a distinctly Durham and uniquely South experience for all their members. Each Common Room is a democratic body led by a President and run by an Executive Committee (Exec). Together, these officers represent the views of their members within the College and throughout the University. The JCR and MCR are the platforms on which many student welfare services, sporting opportunities, and student entertainments are based. They provide support and resources for a range of student societies.

Junior Common Room (JCR)

South College's JCR is already up and running. At present its membership consists of our Pioneer Scholars, the second, third and fourth-year Durham students who have joined the college to help prepare for its opening. They have elected a JCR Committee of Executive and Non-Executive Officers. They are setting up clubs, sports teams, and societies; and are eagerly preparing for the new academic year.

South College JCR on Instagram

Middle Common Room (MCR)

Our first postgraduate students are working to establish our Middle Common Room (MCR) for postgraduate students. While MCR members will have full access to the clubs, sports, and societies at South, they will also have the freedom to take part in activities specifically designed for postgraduate students.

South College MCR on Instagram

Senior Common Room (SCR)

We also have a Senior Common Room (SCR), which is made up of members of staff across Durham University – in both academic and professional services – and our friends in the local community. The SCR serves not only as a social group for the senior members of South, but will also provide stimulating talks and mentorship for members of the JCR and MCR.

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