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Durham University

South College


We have excellent facilities. In the Pitcairn building we have the JCR and MCR, for undergraduate and postgraduate students respectively, to socialise, meet with one another, and work. Also in the Pitcairn building is the Café - Bar, which is open during the day and in the evening as a space for students to work and relax. Students looking for a bit of physical activity can head over to the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) for various courted outdoor sports. You can also join our gym, where we have state of the art equipment for all levels of training. If pumping iron isn’t your thing, we have a yoga and dance studio fitted with Bluetooth speakers and adjustable lighting. We also have an excellent 300 seat dining hall in the Hub where we will have our weekly formal dinners.

Mount Oswald Hub Hall

Study Space and Library

Overlooking the South College Pond in the Pitcairn Building is our dedicated Study Space. It is an excellent place for individual or group study. The Study Space also plays host to our ever-growing collection of core textbooks for South Students.

Multi-Faith and Quiet Room

Our Multi-Faith and Quiet Room is in the Hub. Here students can gather individually or in small groups for prayer and quiet reflection.

Drama Studio

Our Drama Studio in the Hub is the perfect place for student groups or individuals to hone their thespian talents be it for a production of a play or panto. However, the Drama Studio is not limited in use to just theatre-based production, you can also use it to work on your comedy routine, magic show, or other dramatic interests.

Sporting Facilities

Students looking for a bit of physical activity can head over to the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) for various courted outdoor sports. You can also join our state of the art gym in the Hub, where we will have equipment for all levels of training. Also in the Hub you’ll find our Dance and Yoga Studio. It’s a great place for student groups to practice all types of dance or participate in individual or group yoga. The Dance and Yoga studio has Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to with a smartphone so you can practice your routine or escape to a relaxing state. It also has top to bottom mirrors and a ballet barre so you can get a full extension stretch or check to make sure you’ve aced that pose.

Mount Oswald MUGA

Music Rooms

Members of South have access to two music rooms in the Hub: one exclusively for South College and a large room we share with John Snow College. The South College music room is great for individual or small group practice and if fitted with a drum kit, an upright piano and amps for guitar and bass. In the large shared room there is a baby grand piano and space for larger groups to practice both music and song.

Hub Shared Music Room

Café - Bar

The College Café - Bar is located in the Pitcairn Building. During the day, the Café - Bar serves hot drinks and can be used as a place for students to study, work on group projects, or socialise. In the evening the Café - Bar serves soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The Café - Bar has state of the art tech allowing for social events of all types, be it a student performance, watching a sporting event, or a dance. The Café - Bar and the JCR are separated by a sliding wall and can each host 75 people, or 150 total with the wall retracted. In this space we have three 65-inch television screens and a large projector screen, a pool table and table tennis table, along with plenty of seating.

South College Café/Bar