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Durham University

Solid-State NMR Group

NMR people and equipment in Durham


Follow the links below for more information on the different researchers working in NMR at Durham:

Solid-state NMR

Solution-state NMR


The group's principal instrument is a recently re-consoled Bruker Avance III HD spectrometer operating at 500 MHz (11.7 T) equipped with a wide selection of probes, including 2.5 - 7.5 mm magic-angle spinning probes plus some more specialist probes, including a 1.3 mm MAS probe capable of spinning samples at 65 kHz.

The group also has access to two 400 MHz instruments (one a Varian VNMRS, the other a second Bruker Avance III) operated by the Solid-State NMR Service. We also have access to other instruments via collaborations and via UK and EU high-field Facilities (e.g. the 850 MHz Facility at Warwick).